#12 Time Enough for Love by Robert Heinlein

September 4, 2009

Robert Heinlein is my favorite author – I’ve read nearly everything by him. I hadn’t read this book up to this point. I’m glad this isn’t the first Heinlein book I read, because it would have been my last.
The middle of the book drags on and on, not really accomplishing anything. The morality of the book, similar to Stranger in a Strange Land and a few other Heinlein books, is all about communal living, multiple husbands/wives and sexual partners. It also encourages an atheistic at worst, and agnostic at best worldview. The book spends around 3 hours on the romance between Lazarus Long and his own mother – after Lazarus Long goes back in time to meet his family.
I don’t have to share the same morality, politics, or religous views as the author. I have disagreed with Heinlein many times before, but the writing and the story were good enough to entertain me thoroughly. This time, the story is not entertaining.
The reading of the audiobook is horrid also. The voice talent changes voices for each character, and the dialog sounds really…overly syrupy and gushy, to put it nicely. Not that the reader had much to work with.
25 hours 52 minutes

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