1984: New Classic Edition Audiobook Review

November 4, 2013

Oceania is not a good place anymore. Once a land of freedom, all of that has been tossed out. The government reigns, and although citizens appear to be comfortable, questions linger about whether or not this is just an illusion. Cameras dawn every home, and a continuous stream of Government-supported TV finds its way into every living room. Even thoughts are monitored, and those who do not submit find themselves exposed to their worst nightmares, along with government reconditioning to try to ‘correct’ their ‘wrong thinking’.

And that’s where Winston Smith comes in. A world war II veteran, he remembers what the world used to be like. A time of freedom and happiness and good history.

That makes his job as a historian even more ironic. Winston is responsible for changing the past, for altering documents into the Government-supported version of ‘what happened’. But things are going wrong in his head. Wrong thoughts are slipping through, and Winston is becoming more and more interested about the past and what truly happened. Will he be able to resist, or will the brainwashing get the best of him?

1984: New Classic Edition is unabridged and narrated by the supremely talented Simon Prebble. It’s a thoroughly enjoyable way to acquaint yourself with this important classic.

George Orwell was one of England’s most famous and celebrated authors. Born in 1903, he grew up in a fairly normal English home and attended a convent school as a child. Around his twenties, he took visits around the world, and with them he saw some of the worst that governments had to offer. As a result, he found himself writing about them, and from this came his famous books Animal Farm and 1984, among others. He is highly regarded in American classic literature and his novels are still used today as examples of illustrations of totalitarian governments.

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