3 Best-Selling Business and Investing Audio Books

November 1, 2010

There are a lot of great audio books about business and investing so we have narrowed down the field and are presenting three best selling audio books that can change your life. These books are a fantastic way to get started in business and investing and they should be a part of any experienced businessman’s library as well.

1. The Simple Dollar

This is an audio book written by Trent Hamm and narrated by Stefan Rudnicki. It is a life-changing audio book written by a man that was drowning in debt and was looking for a way out. Trent Hamm found a successful way to climb out of debt and he also built the career he’d always wanted at the same time. He noted his experiences on his website TheSimpleDollar.com, which later became one of the top websites for personal finance.

This audio book will get you motivated and empowered to handle money in a new way and help you truly get out of debt. You will learn five steps to get rid of your credit card debt altogether and understand how powerful your goals really are. You will also discover real life lessons about honesty, courage and communication. This audio book can change your thinking and there are real testimonials from people that claim it turned their life around.

One of the best things about this book is its references to randomness and how you can control money while living in a random world. Many of the concepts mentioned in the book really relate to today’s fast-paced environment and you will find out how to get back control of money while random activity continues to swirl around you.

This audio book also deals with overspending and the value of saving and frugal living. It is full of philosophies that can help you improve your financial situation, your career and your overall way of dealing with life.

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

This audio book, written and narrated by Stephen R. Covey, explains how people observe the world through their own eyes and how this is the source of your acting and thinking. It is the basis of your own behavior and attitude and it is useless to try to make a change unless you address the source of your outward appearance.

Covey explains how it is important to examine your paradigms in order to make a shift to achieve your goals. Sometimes a shift occurs with a major event, such as a birth or death, but you can also make a shift happen on your own. Basically, the book teaches that you need to examine yourself and how you perceive the world first to handle any problems that exist.

This book will help you determine your own core values so that your decisions can reflect what you really believe. This audio book will let you find your own fundamental truths so that they are always actively with you and can be called upon at a moment’s notice whenever a problem arises.

Covey introduces the seven habits that you should incorporate into your daily life that successful people use. These seven habits can be used in both your business and personal life so that any goals can be attained and you can live your life according to your own true values. The philosophy of this audio book gives a solid structure to your life and is quite a grounding experience. You will definitely feel more in touch with yourself after you have listened to do the philosophy presented in this best-selling audio book.

The concepts will help anyone recover their integrity and dignity and bring you one step closer back to your beliefs. It will help you develop the confidence to become a more effective person that is sensitive to his surroundings. You will be invited to really take a look at yourself and learn how to become proactive in any situation.

There are seven habits successful people incorporate into their lives that help raise them up the ladder of success. They are based on the principles described above and can truly help you become more successful as well.

The Truth About Managing People

If you are in a position where you have to manage people you need to get a copy of this audio book written by Stephen P. Robbins and narrated by Stow Lovejoy. You will learn how to overcome the problems that every manager has to face when dealing with employees. There are 53 different principles presented that have been proven to work.

This book will show you how to communicate effectively with your employees and that too much or too little communication can be harmful. You will understand more about teamwork and how to make improvements with your employee evaluations and hiring techniques.

You will find out which situations you should avoid that lead to relationship and work flow problems in your business. This is a concrete set of principles that you can use in your every day dealings with employees. All managers are bound to run into these situations when dealing with workers and knowing in advance how to handle them is one step closer to solving them.

The audio book also covers the following information that every manager should know about.

  • How to build winning teams.
  • Why you don’t always get more production from happy employees.
  • The truth about rewarding behaviors.
  • How to design jobs that are highly productive.
  • How to resolve conflicts.
  • How to deal with change in the workplace.

There are a lot of examples given in this audio book and some that you can probably relate to already if you are in a management position. Listening to the concepts being formed into examples also gives you the ability to apply the knowledge given right away in your own workplace.

Being a leader is not easy and there is a careful balance that needs to be maintained between the employee and employee. This audio book puts it together and takes all the guesswork out of managing people effectively.

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