5 Great Audio Books to Help You Reach Your Weight Loss Goals

September 15, 2010

Attempting to lose weight is never an easy undertaking.  The battle of the bulge is one that is faced by many Americans.  As a result, fad diets and exercise programs abound as everyone tries to find the miracle cure that will work for everyone.  Unfortunately, we are all created differently.  While “diet” and “exercise” in general are good and healthy things that will universally help an individual to lose weight, the specific combination of parts that work for each person is particular, as is the program that motivates them.  Some people are perfectly willing to submit to drill-instruction-inspired tactics that will help them to shed mega pounds at the speed of light.  Others subscribe to more of a slow-and-steady-wins-the-race mentality.  But whatever it takes to get you going on the path to a healthier lifestyle, you can find inspiration in an audio book that will get you started or help keep you on a course for success.  Here are a few that might fit the bill.

  1. Are You Ready! (2008). Written and narrated by Bob Harper.  While Jillian Michaels was busy making a video game, her Biggest Loser cohort was creating a unique diet and exercise plan for the over-eaters among us.  You’ll learn to distinguish negative thoughts and destructive behaviors before you even start the plan, giving you the best chance to succeed, with real-life success stories to round out the roster of motivational tactics.  And you can essentially forge the same emotional connection with this fitness guru as the contestants he works with, sans the onus of appearing on national television.
  2. The Diet Code (2006).  Written and narrated by Stephen Lanzalotta.  Unbelievably, this restaurateur claims to offer a diet plan that allows you to ingest bread, cheese, and wine and still lose weight, all thanks to the application of the Golden Ratio (which will boost metabolism in order to instigate weight loss).  For those who are on board with exercise but have trouble with diet programs, this could be the one you’ve been waiting for, especially if you like a Mediterranean diet, upon which this plan is largely based.
  3. Eight Weeks to Optimum Health (2006).  Written and narrated by Dr. Andrew Weil, M.D.  The well-known proponent of healthy eating has released several publications on the subject of dieting, and it’s no wonder considering he espouses the idea that a diet is always subject to change.  In this eight-week course, he’ll push you towards a plan that is healthy for life, but flexible enough to adjust to your changing needs.  While it may not immediately show astronomical results on the scale, with the addition of exercise, it can help you get fit and healthy for a lot longer than the titular eight weeks.
  4. The Lean Body Promise (2005).  Written and narrated by Lee Lebrada.  This fat-burning guru and former Mister Universe offers up a fairly simple plan to get your body into fat-burning mode and shed unwanted pounds in as little as twelve weeks.  Daily 30-minute cardio workouts and a 5-meal-a-day, metabolism-boosting plan will help you to shed fat and replace it with lean muscle.
  5. The Anti-Inflammation Zone (2005).  Written and narrated by Barry Sears.  One of many offerings based on the Zone diet plan, this audio book addresses an issue that affects many Americans: that of silent inflammation brought on by little exercise and a diet high in fats and sugars.  While this book won’t necessarily give you tips on how to lose weight, it will get you eating a healthier diet (high in fish oils) to help you avoid and combat some of the disorders that can bring your regimen to a halt (heart disease, arthritis, diabetes, etc.).  And the sooner you restore your body’s natural balance, the quicker you can get back to work losing weight.

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