Audio Book Review of Crossroads: The Teenage Girls Guide To Emotional Wounds. By Stephanie Smith and Suzy Weibel

March 4, 2010

Crossroads: The Teenage Guide to Healing Emotional Wounds, written by Stephanie Smith and Suzy Weibel. Is a great book for teenagers growing up without a father in thier lives and having to deal with statistical issues.

The book goes by tracks instead of chapters. Each track is named after one of Stephanie Smith’s songs. they start out with an insert of that particular song. At the end of each track is a section called “Your Song” where the reader is asked a question. Other parts of the book are called, “So you want to be a rockstar”. Here you will hear the srories of Leah, Carrie, Kaylee, Andy and many more.

In Tracks One through Three Stephanie delves into her life as a child. You will hear of how her father was abusive to her mother, and how it took her little brothers first sentence to finally make her mother leave. She also tells us that she never thought bad about her father because her mother never spoke bad of him. She also gives pointers on how you to can do this. Later she tells of seeing her father agian and how she felt during that time. It didnt make it any easier for her cosidering he couldn’t even remember her name. Later she falls in love for the first time, with the first boy that ever said I love you to her, but when she was dumped by him, yet again she was faced with struggles within herself.

In Track four she deals with a problem that alot of young girls have today. She hears some harsh words about herself from a boy at school, this then promotes some self-image problems. It takes some words from a counselor to make her realize the real truth. One that she already knew.

Track Five Stephanie deals with her “calling”. She says that callings are not what God really has in mind for you. I take them as a sort of a side road. She states that she spent most of her college years being an “idiot”.

In Track Six, you learn of how she calls up her mother one day and gets told there is no money for school. Stephanie then has to deal with the challenge of calling her father and asking for the money. She realizes it wasnt as bad as she thought it would be.

In Track Seven she ends up taking a semester abroad. In her short time in Africa she gets lonely and struggles with herself and with God. She become afraid that maybe she just hasn’t been doing the right things, that maybe she just didn’t pray enough.

In Track eight she once again persues her calling of becoming a rockstar. During this time she struggles with finding her identity. But realizes through God just what she needs to do.

Finally in Track Nine Stephanie tells of how she once again reunites with her father. She explains how the word “purpose” became a big influence in her life during that time. She becomes to realize that she shouldn’t dwell on the fact of her father not being there because God will be there to fill in the missing holes.

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