Audio Book: The Alchemist

November 15, 2009

Author Paulo Coelho wrote a wonderful masterpiece when he created The Alchemist, this audio book comprises of various visions for thought and opens up doors to the spirit when contemplating on the materialistic values of life. The young boy, Santiago, in this story can be defined as many of us as we walk and live on this earth to endulge in the finer things in life.

We all have a certain treasure we are seeking to find, whether it’s making more money, buying a big house, or an expensive car and yet we seldom see and realize that all the treasure we’re seeking is within ourselves. Learning through immense experiences has to be the beauty of life, your journey begins when you travel new roads in search of new horizons that follow, you meet new people and grasp new talents to help you along the way. In this audio book you will be amazed and enriched with a knowledge you never could imagine existed within the human mind.

The narration in this audio book is delicate and presents a stamina of interest to the listener. The narrator’s voice telling this captivating story of a young boys journey is completely soothing and overtaking with imagination in theory of agile tones, not to mention the quality of the narrator’s voice that also has great output and clarity for understanding to the audience.

The Alchemist is a highly recommended audio book to view and listen to. After reading or listening to such creative writing by the great author Paulo Coelho, one will definately have a new outlook on life and life’s challenges. Another book of interest that lies parallel to the Alchemist is called Brida, it’s another brilliant story from author Paulo Coelho that depicts a young Irish girl searching for knowledge and wisdom on a deeper level than what she’s already attained in life. She deals with normal conflicts of life that we endure everyday like, finding balance within our happiness, within our relationships, and within our family.

This story is on a fairytale level but still delivers a powerful impact to the audience and makes you look at life in a different perspective. These audio books are phenomenal for mind, body, and spirit, and as with anything you encounter or approach in life you must have an open concious to review and piece together what the author of that story is painting you a picture of. Remember, art comes in all forms, especially in imagination with words, so whenever you choose to read or listen keenly to a book take in preservation the writer’s creativity but turn it into your own vision of opinion of what you believe the author is trying to tell you as the overall message.

Hearing the audio book on The Alchemist is spectacular from start to finish, a guaranteed standing ovation for the author and narrator, if you have never read or heard this book it’s a must add to your collection of special great books!

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