Audio Books for the Expectant Mother

November 7, 2011

Once a baby is on the way, even women who thought they were prepared will likely be scrambling to figure out how to adapt to this new (and semi-permanent) state of existence.  Luckily, there are dozens of audio books out there to help expectant mothers answer every question that pops into their heads (and even some they never thought of).  The real trick is finding the best that the audio book market has to offer.  So here are just a few selections you might want to check out when you find yourself in the family way.

  1. Pregnancy for Dummies by Joanne Stone, Mary Murray, and Keith Eddleman.  If you’re new to the pregnancy game and you’re worried that you might not even know what questions to ask, then this book will provide a springboard to get you started down your path to parenthood.  You’re not the only expectant mother to feel foolish about the things you don’t know, as you’ll quickly discover from testimonials offered by first-time parents like yourself.  The audio book covers basic information, including the questions you may be too embarrassed to ask a doctor and helps you prepare for the challenges of pregnancy and labor with a little bit of much-needed humor.
  2. Belly Laughs: The Naked Truth About Pregnancy and Childbirth by Jenny McCarthy.  Before this comedienne became an advocate for parents with autistic children, she was an expectant mother herself, facing the challenges of pregnancy (and as yet unaware of the many difficulties of parenting).  You can expect some gross-out moments from the notoriously crude McCarthy, but she’s really just putting her no-holds-barred spin on the taboo aspects of pregnancy that every woman must face if she wants to have a baby.  And this is one of those times when it’s a lot better to laugh than cry.  McCarthy’s wit and humor will help on that score.
  3. YOU Having a Baby: The Owner’s Manual to a Happy and Healthy Pregnancy by Michael F. Roizen and Mehmet C. Oz.  Also known as “America’s Doctors”, you’ve likely seen this pair on TV (especially Dr. Oz, who is the titular host of the show that bears his name).  Here they bust some of the many myths surrounding the seemingly mystical state of pregnancy and offer up scientific information that will help you to understand not only what you should do during pregnancy, but also why it is important to do certain things and avoid others.  There’s even a section on epigenics, as well as information for expectant fathers.
  4. Joyful Pregnancy by Janey Lee Grace with Glenn Harrold.  This offering for expectant mothers comes from across the pond.  Grace is a mother of four as well as a performer (singer, radio DJ, and even TV presenter) and she teams up with hypnotherapist Harrold to give mothers-to-be a little information and a lot of relaxation to prepare them for pregnancy and the birth of a child.  So if stress is a part of your daily life that you’d like to cut back on now that you’re thinking for two, this two-disc set is sure to deliver the help you seek.
  5. Your Pregnancy Week by Week: Updated 6th Edition by Dr. Glade Curtis and Judith Schuler.  You’re likely to have many questions once you see that pink strip.  How should my diet change? What vitamins should I take?  What does morning sickness feel like?  Can I exercise?  And of course you’ll want to know about the stages of pregnancy and what they entail for you and your baby.  This comprehensive compendium contains just about everything an expectant mother might want to know, from medical information and milestones for mother and baby, to products and safety recommendations.  In short, it’s a go-to guide for any couple with a bundle of joy on the way.

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