Best Audio Books For Interior Decorators

June 2, 2011

Whether you’re a weekend warrior, busily painting walls, installing cabinets, and upgrading the general décor of your homestead, or you actually tackle interior decorating professionally, you can always use more information pertaining to your craft.  There are all kinds of ways to get the looks you love in your home; you might just need a little hand along the way.  So travel to faraway lands to steal their style and explore the aesthetics of bygone eras, all from the comfort of your own home.  You don’t even have to crack the cover of a book; by purchasing audio books on interior design, you can listen while you work.  Here are just a few you may find useful.

  1. Home: A Short History of an Idea by Witold Rybczynski.  Have you ever wondered exactly where we get our ideas about what makes a house into a home?  In this audio book, Rybczynski discusses how our ideas of comfort have evolved to create a space that is traditionally “home”, as well as how both physical (air, light, etc.) and emotional aspects contribute to the creation of a feeling of home.  You may not learn how to choose a wall color or match a sofa and a rug, but you’ll develop a basis for understanding the underlying elements needed to ensure comfort in your living space.
  2. The Decoration of Houses by Edith Wharton.  In this non-fiction audio book, the famous author discusses the different styles of her many homes, including those in France and the Berkshires, as well as the homes of many friends living on New York’s Upper East Side.  She was adept at analyzing décor and anyone looking to remodel can benefit from her unique observations about style.
  3. Home Rich by Gerri Willis.  You might have a pretty good handle on how to upgrade the interior of your home, but you may not be aware of the many good reasons why you should do it (besides the simple act of pleasing yourself).  CNN anchor Willis explains how a little interior renovation can dramatically increase the value of your single biggest asset so that if you do sell down the line, you’ll show a significant return on your investment.
  4. Feng Shui Home Study Course by David Daniel Kennedy.  Feng shui isn’t as simple as choosing the right colors, adding plants to your space, or placing the furniture just so (although these are all elements that contribute to the creation of a relaxing and prosperous environment).  But tackling a comprehensive guide to this ancient Chinese art for the purposes of creating a tranquil home environment is a bit much for most people.  Kennedy’s audio book on the topic offers not only a background in the philosophy behind feng shui, but also provides a wealth of information on practical methods of implementing the art in your home.
  5. Under the Tuscan Sun by Frances Mayes.  Although this audio book does not provide a how-to for people looking to adopt the style of Tuscany (as it is a memoir), it does relate the author’s journey as she buys a Tuscan villa and works to renovate it on her own.  She not only imparts the struggle of learning to tile, but also the feeling of a place and how it works its way into the home (and the heart).

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