Audio Books That Are Sure to Get You Motivated

September 3, 2010

If you are bed-ridden, spend a significant amount of time in the car, or just need an extra boost to get you going, audio books may be a great way to assist you in moving towards accomplishing your life goals. When you feel excited about something, you will find yourself waking up earlier, smiling more, and even doing more for others. Audio books are a sure way of utilizing the time you have to feel inspired and to focus on the things you really want. The art of listening is practiced as you strive to stay mentally positive and seek a healthy outlook on life and the world around you. These audio books come highly recommended and may be just what you need to turn a new leaf.

  1. Acres of Diamonds (1986) Written by the founder of Temple University, Russel H. Conwell explores the relationship between spiritual and mental desires. This audio book, an adaption of a speech given by Conwell, has helped numerous individuals understand the true meaning of wealth and how to obtain it without getting sidetracked by greed and selfishness.
  2. As A Man Thinketh (2009) This book, compiled of essays, has sold millions of copies all over the world. The audio book, adapted from James Allen’s book is considered an emotional treatise on the power of thought. The author advocates treating our minds like gardens that need much cultivating and care.
  3. The Richest Man In Babylon (2004) This motivational classic puts faith in the ancient secrets of the Babylonians by giving advice on the subjects of thrift and financial planning. George S. Clason has the answer to solve your monetary problems through money management suggestions in this timeless audio book.
  4. Lead The Field (2002) Earl Nightingale’s audio book on success tells its listeners to invest in commonsense, a principle anyone can master. The author explains the importance of your attitude throughout life and explains that attitude is what tells the world what you expect from it. This audio book is a great way to learn how to accept responsibility for yourself and the rest of your life.
  5. Think And Grow Rich (2008) This unabridged audio book offers advice to individuals looking to enrich their lives through reaching their goals. Napoleon Hill makes this possible by teaching through the examples of important historical figures like Edison and Ford. Written in 1937, Hill expands upon his unique opportunities to interview over five hundred influential people. Listening to this audio book will allow a person to realize the starting place for earning wealth is in wisdom.

The next time you are feeling a lack of incentive and need a little encouragement, consider buying a motivational audio book. It might just be exactly what you need to help you get on your way to accomplishing your life goals. Consider going to your local library to check out some of these recommended audio books. You can listen to them at your leisure and decide which ones to add to your collection. Audio books can be a helpful tool in changing your mentality about yourself and can inspire you to make changes you want to see in the world.

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