The Best Audio Books for Road Trips

June 11, 2011

Summer is certainly a great time to hit the road and seek out a vacation destination that’s within driving distance, but long hours behind the wheel or watching the scenery go by can get pretty boring.  For this reason, bringing along an audio book that you can listen to while you drive or drowse is an excellent idea.  Of course, some will be better than others.  For example, you don’t want to bring along a yawn-inducing non-fiction that will having you nodding off and swerving into another lane of traffic.  But by the same token, listening to a horror classic (anything by Stephen King) while driving at night could make you paranoid.  So since you’re on an adventure, why not listen to something geared towards your type of travel?  Here are a few genres you might want to consider.

  1. Fantasy.  Set your sights on Camelot to follow the trials and tribulations of King Arthur’s court (or venture into stranger territory with wildly fictional medieval fantasy).  Lose yourself in a world where sorcerers rule and elves and goblins abound.  Or follow death on his journey to collect souls.  Whatever type of fantasy you prefer, you can find it in audio book format and whisk yourself off to faraway fictional lands (even as you drive yourself to a very real and very fun spot for your vacation).
  2. Sci-fi.  Perhaps long ago and far away isn’t quite far enough for you.  If you prefer to go to a whole other world and journey into the future instead of the past, then perhaps an audio book in the science fiction genre is more your speed.  Imagine epic battles between starships, meeting and learning to communicate with an alien species, or even living on a planet that is light years away.  Go to a future where the human race totters on the brink of extinction and one ragged group of miscreants is the only hope for survival.  Or travel to a land where everyone is a superhero.  In other words, get far out!
  3. Period piece.  Some Victorian-era writing can be deadly dull (just about anything by the Bronte sisters or Jane Austin).  But there have been a spate of fiction novels recently that poke fun at the genre by taking these historical pieces of literature and turning them on their heads with the addition of zombies, vampires, and other mythical creatures.  Of course, you might be more interested in fiction that revolves around historical happenings.  Whether you want hand-wringing maidens, the addition of zombie attacks, or a new take on history, you can find it in audio books that tackle different periods from the past.
  4. Western.  Manifest destiny may be far behind us, but for the gunslingers of the old west it was a way of life.  Get swept up in the mythos where decent people worked farmsteads, outlaws rode with gangs to rob the stagecoach, and pretty girls worked in saloons.
  5. Bio.  If you just can’t get into fiction, then you might want to opt for audio books that follow the exploits of your favorite actors, musicians, or politicians.  Some are funny and some are unbelievably coarse, but they all offer insight into the celebrities you love (and make the miles fly by).  You might not be as adventurous of some of your idols (who probably also spend plenty of hours on the road), but perhaps your journey will be just as exciting as theirs.

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