Audio Books on Winter Travel

February 17, 2012

If winter weather has got you down, perhaps it’s time for a change of scenery. You may be dreaming of a sun-drenched break from the bleak and stormy skies that plague you during this dreary season, so an exotic island getaway could be what you’re looking for. Or maybe you’d like to take advantage of the snowing and blowing to hit the slopes at a first-class ski resort. Alternately, you could have a hankering to cross some incredible locales off your bucket list (Paris, Tokyo, or Sydney, for example). On the other hand, your budget might limit you to skipping the actual vacations. In this case, you might have to take one virtually, and audio books on travel could provide at least a modicum of the escape you’re looking for during the long months of winter.

While you can certainly find a number of technical travel books that will tell you in detail about the locales and winter activities that interest you, they might not provide much in the way of narration. Unless you are thrilled by a dry recounting of restaurant menus and prices, must-see attractions, directions from one museum to another, and the abundance of transportation options in a particular city, you might want some audio books that are lighter on the fine points of the itinerary and a little heavier on the narrative. And there are several options that could help whisk you away to a different place (without actually getting on a plane).

For starters, you could look for books on travel writing, which are more like essays than technical travelogues. The Best American Travel Writing series has seen several editions, and each one focuses on tales of different places and events that a handful of travel writers have experience and decided to share with listeners. Each edition features a slew of the best pieces produced by American travel writers for the year (as selected by the editors) with stories of exotic locales, foreign cultures, and the funny, scary, and often unbelievable experiences that can befall a stranger in a strange land. You, as the listener, will go along with them on their amazing journeys.

Of course, you may also be interested in learning more about exciting winter sports (rather than just the places where you can practice them). Or maybe you’ve already made your reservations and what you need are travel guides, tourist information, compendiums on countries and cultures, or even phrasebooks to help you get around. Whatever your particular travel needs, there are a wide variety of audio options that you can load on your MP3 player (or other mobile device) and take with you as you jet off to parts previously unknown.

So whether you’re interested in hitting the slopes from Aspen to¬†St Anton am Arlberg, you want find a locale that will allow you to soak up some sun in the midst of the cold winter season, or the only travels you can afford are of the virtual variety, think about picking up some audio books on travel to help you find the escape you desperately need this winter. It’s never been easier to get away from it all; you just have to listen.

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