Audiobooks are the Perfect Solution for Reluctant Readers

July 22, 2013

Even very good young readers can hit a lull, dropping books for other hobbies and trading in reading for other activities. It’s well known that kids that read books do better in school, but what do you do if your bookworm morphs into a reluctant reader? You may want to consider audiobooks the key to getting them back on track.

Reading reluctance can strike boys or girls at any age, but there definitely seems to be a prevalence for boys losing the interest in books as puberty hits. Whatever the reason, the effects can be damaging to their academic career. Studies have shown that students who read regularly outside of class do better on tests and do better in school than non-readers. While it’s important that children keep up with reading, the content and the format may not really be that important.

Audiobooks are the perfect alternative to traditional books for reluctant readers. They can be put on in the car, on portable devices such as iPods and tablet computers, and can be great for having on in the background of other activities. Many schools have already begun to understand what a powerful tool these are and are using them in conjunction with standard curriculum to reach readers who may be falling through the cracks.

For children with ADHD or reading disabilities such as dyslexia, audiobooks can mean enjoying the love of reading without the frustration of being unable to comprehend the written word. This frustration is what drives many young readers away from books and closes doors that should be left wide open in young minds.

Another fantastic benefit of listening to audiobooks is the fact that it can be used to bring the family together with a shared love of reading. Sneak a book into the day by playing a chapter on every car trip, and enjoy discussing the story at the end of the day. They can also make bedtime reading a little more enjoyable for parents who can enjoy listening with their children.

More than just a fun way to read a book, audiobooks are a real solution to a serious problem. Reluctant readers won’t miss out on developing those skills essential for success in school and may even rekindle their love of books through listening. Anything that keeps kids reading is a good thing, and audiobooks are one great thing that parents and kids can both approve of.

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