BabyProof by Emily Giffin Review

June 28, 2011

Emily Giffin is already a chick lit favorite, especially since her novel Something Borrowed was recently made into a movie starring Kate Hudson and Gennifer Goodwin. So, if you’re already a fan, you may want to check out Baby Proof, another fun Giffin read with a serious twist

Every girl is familiar with the chain of events that makes a happy life: dating, marriage, and then the baby carriage. But Claudia is the exception to the rule. She’s a successful editor at a Manhattan publishing house, and she’s made it clear to every guy that she’s ever dated that she is not interested in babies. Ever. She is finally able to find a man to marry, Ben, who holds her same sentiment for children: he doesn’t want them either.

The first few years of their marriage are great, but Ben soon starts to feel the ticking of his biological clock. When he asks Claudia for a baby, that’s the end of the beginning for them. Claudia decides to move out and move back in with her old college roommate Jess as she gets her divorce started. Even after the divorce goes through, and Claudia begins a hot and heavy fling with her colleague Richard, she is still filled with doubt about letting a good thing go just because she didn’t want a baby.

Claudia becomes obsessed with Ben, spying on him to find out if he’s found another young, beautiful, fertile woman to have children with. Finally, everything comes to a head, and Claudia has to decide whether or not she really meant what she said about babies being a deal breaker in her marriage.

Although Baby Proof has a pretty standard chick lit plot, it actually goes much deeper to explore exactly what will cause a marriage to break down in the first place. There is even more depth added to the story in the subplots of Claudia’s sisters, one who has a cheating spouse and the other who is struggling with her own infertility. Overall, Baby Proof is a solid read if you’re looking for a fun storyline with a little bit of a serious thread to get you thinking.

Bethany Ramos is a freelance writer who has a contract to publish her own chick lit novel 5 Stages of Grief with Black Opal Books. She also co-owns her own e-commerce website, The Coffee Bump.

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