Beach Trip by Cathy Holton Review

January 10, 2011

Beach Trip is a different style of book than I normally enjoy since I usually have an obsession with fluffy chick lit; however, author Cathy Holton has created a compelling and intriguing story of four friends that reunite 23 years after college that had me on the edge of my seat.

The four friends are named Sara, Mel, Lola, and Annie, and they were all roommates at a Southern liberal arts college in the 1980s. The book divides between the present and a series of flashbacks, where it alludes to the trials, love affairs, and past tragedies that have taken place. Sara is now a lawyer living in Atlanta struggling with her son’s recent diagnosis; Mel is a novelist that lives in New York and has two failed marriages under her belt; Annie is an uptight and religious woman from Nashville who married her boyfriend from high school; and Lola is a gentle and spacey woman who is being medicated by a husband that she doesn’t love.

All of the women have lost touch over the years and are now in their 40s planning to reunite on a beach vacation at Lola’s beach house in North Carolina. The trip itself has its share of ups and downs, full of emotional tension, until the women finally decide to confront the hidden secrets of their past. These secrets include a betrayal, a failed love affair, and a personal tragedy that each woman has been holding on to since their time together at college.

At times the book was slow and overly descriptive, but it was still full of surprises that made it a compelling read. The very end of the book especially has an ingenious twist, so make sure that you don’t put it down until the last page! Beach Trip is a complex story that has such a diverse variety of characters that almost every reader will be able to identify with. In fact, you may enjoy the story even more as you latch onto one of the characters who has lived a life similar to your own. This book is ideal for a beach read or a rainy day, so get reading!

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