The Benefits of Listening to Audio Books

September 26, 2012

Many people tire of listening to talk radio or the same music on the radio, and so a lot of people turn to audio books. What’s more, audio books can easily be put on an mp3 player or iPhone, making a long commute enjoyable. The great thing about audio books is that they come in all genres. Whether it be a business book, a book on the stock market, or the latest romance novel. So without further ado, here are five benefits of listening to audio books!

A lot of people choose audio books in order to learn. There are audio books that help with language, business audio books, and even self-help audio books. Learning takes repetition, and so many people find audio books a powerful way to gain knowledge. A 30 minute train ride or car ride can turn into a learning opportunity. Some people even listen to relevant audio books on subjects they are studying in school. Really, learning with audio books is one of the greatest uses of one’s time.

With school, work and family obligations, many people simply have no time. Audiobooks are tremendously convenient for someone on the go. One can listen to audiobooks on a commute, at the gym, or even while getting ready for work. It is easy to listen to 15-30 minute segments at a time. This is kind of perfect for some, since it is difficult to take the time to sit down and read a regular book. Audiobooks are perfect for anyone with a busy schedule.


In modern times, storytelling is a lost art. With audiobooks, information is absorbed in a different way. It is much easier to absorb the information and vocabulary this way than the old fashioned way. You’ll likely be listening to something being read by someone who knows how to read well, and they’re probably chose specifically for your story or topic. They know where emphasis should go, and perhaps even just have the right accent or timbre to give the story a little something special.

Even native speakers pronounce words incorrectly. When listening to an audiobook though, you’ll notice that the reader will speak with clarity. For people learning a language, this offers a tremendous value for both listening and comprehension skills. You might find this surprising, but people learning a new language will often listen to children’s books on tape. If you know a bit of spanish or want to re-visit your high school french, you might find audio books to be exactly what you need!

Audiobooks can be carried just about anywhere. Whether at the beach, running on a treadmill or cooking dinner, you can be constantly immersed in a story or a fascinating new topic. It is often difficult to carry a book everywhere, especially when participating in other activities, but audiobooks offer a way for the listener to dive into their book wherever they are!

Audiobooks lack pictures and are not always good as a reference book, but anyone looking to enjoy their commute or daily run more should look into audiobooks. The great thing is there are many available online or at the library, many for free!

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