Four Blondes Book Review

January 31, 2011

For the many women (and men!) out there that have a soft spot in their hearts for Candace Bushnell, I would highly recommend her four-part book called Four Blondes, which is a collection of four mini-novels that focus on the sordid lives of the rich and successful in New York City.

The first story is of Janey Wilcox, who later becomes the main character in Bushnell’s novel One Fifth Avenue, and is a model/social-climber that attempts to take her celebrity to the next level based on the company of men that she keeps. Her story focuses on her time spent at the Hamptons, where her only way to secure a beautiful summer home is by finding the right man to spend the summer with, which doesn’t always turn out as she had hoped.

In the next story, Cecilia is married to a Prince yet can’t seem to enjoy the charmed life that she leads because of her mental delusions and paranoia. She finds herself constantly in the public eye caught in compromising situations that only continue to embarrass her royal husband more and more and push him further away.

Next we have Winnie, a ball-busting, driven career woman who works as a magazine columnist and is also married to a journalist. You will get an insider look into her seemingly perfect marriage, which is full of betrayal, confusion, and outright manipulation.

Lastly, Bushnell writes an obviously autobiographical story, where a writer gets sick of the men of New York City that can’t seem to commit and goes across the pond to London to look for a husband. There she experiences Englishmen firsthand who are rumored to be horrible in bed, until she finds a man that she connects with in the most unlikely place.

Overall, these four stories are diverse and captivating to keep you on the edge of your seat throughout the entire novel. All of the characters are well-developed and flawed, making them easy to identify with. If you already have a little bit of an addiction to the honesty and charm of Sex and the City, then Four Blondes is the perfect guilty pleasure read.

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