‘Catholicism for Dummies’: a Bite-Size Guide to God

January 6, 2013

If you’re surprised to learn that the “for Dummies” series hits on religion, just consider that this particular set of reference guides is like Apple and their “there’s an app for that” mentality. And since many religions are misunderstood, it’s really not that shocking that the general populace is clamoring for guides to some of the most popular faiths on the planet…at least something easier than a weighty religious tome, in any case. While Catholicism boasts somewhere in the neighborhood of a billion devotees at present, still there are plenty of people who have little idea what this widespread religion is all about. Even Catholics themselves may be keen to get a refresher course concerning traditions, beliefs, and everyday practice. And ‘Catholicism for Dummies’ delivers the basics and more in an easy-to-digest format that caters more to modern listeners than the average religious text.

The narrative, authored by the Reverend John Trigilio, Jr., PhD and ThD, along with the Reverend Kenneth Brighenti, PhD, is a modern guidebook to Catholicism delivered in six portions: Getting Familiar with the Basics, Understanding All Those Beliefs, Behaving Like a Saint, Practicing Catholicism Through Devotions, The Part of Tens, and the Appendix, which covers some interesting points of history related to the Catholic religion. The long and short of this audio book is that it introduces listeners to the religion, not only through an overview of the beliefs that make up this faith, but also particulars like traditions and tenets, saints and sacraments, and even the ten most famous Catholics. And Trigilio and Brighenti offer this wealth of information in a format that is not only simple and straightforward, but also fun and engaging.

For the Catholics out there that feel they might be missing some information, this audio book also has a lot to offer, such as little known factoids concerning the differences between mortal and venial sins, for example, or the reason why Catholics eschew meat on Fridays. And for those interested in joining this segment of Christianity, ‘Catholicism for Dummies’ can offer the relevant information needed to make a decision. As for those that simply want to know more, either because religion is an interesting subject of study or because they don’t want to offend friends and family where their beliefs are concerned, this audio book delivers everything listeners will need, from beginner material to in-depth information.

You might not find this particular entry in your average¬†Catholic book shop¬†(unless they happen to have a sense of humor), but for theologians looking for information, spirituality seekers that want to test the waters, or even devoted Catholics in need of a little brushing up, this casual introduction to the Catholic dogma outlines the general tenets of the religion into easy-to-understand language that will help you to make it through a friend’s wedding or baptismal ceremony without any embarrassing flubs, as well as give you the 411 on everything you wanted to know about Catholicism but didn’t know who to ask.

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