Cold Paradise (Unabridged)

October 1, 2009

Cop-turned-lawyer Stone Barrington, he of street smarts, dry wit, and debonair charm, becomes reacquainted with a case he thought was buried years ago, and must settle romantic entanglements that haunt him still.

Allison Manning, the beautiful and enigmatic woman Stone defended against a murder charge in Dead in the Water, mysteriously reappears to request his help with a set of problems she has never resolved, which involve millions of dollars. She fears, too, that somebody might be stalking her, but she’s not sure who – or why. She knows of no one better than Stone, who has both the legal experience and the investigative instincts to guarantee her safety.

Stone is happy to enjoy a few days in Palm Beach – and to have left frigid New York and the tempestuous Dolce Bianchi behind – but before he can dig into this latest case, he comes face to face again with Arrington Calder, the one woman who still holds a key to his affections.

Stone and his partner, Dino, comb the glittering streets of Palm Beach and begin to suspect that more than one person might be after Allison – one so clever he manages never to show his face, but even more frightening, another man everybody has long forgotten.

In a search that ranges from the boardrooms of Manhattan to the sumptuous villas that line the Gold Coast, Stone uncovers the sly and greedy plan to steal millions of dollars – and reveals the crafty killer behind it – in this electrifying thriller.

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