Gambling Addiction Audio Books

August 11, 2011

Gambling addiction has always been a source of worry for many Americans. Seeking help can be difficult for a disease that tends to be highly secretive and easily agitated, with a lot who suffer it in some stage of denial over its true depth. Getting the help you or a loved one needs is important, though. For some a great solution to this problem would be trying to tackle it yourself, through the use of various self-help methods. In particular the self-help book has been a championed example of this process, and beyond that the self-help audio book can deliver even more support with the addition of an authoritative voice on the manner assisting and guiding the listener.

It might be hard to discover which of these audio-books would be most suited to the style of help you need to help quit your online roulette addiction or your constant trips to the tables. When it comes to audio-books there are usually two different styles. The first is the straight forward self-help type. These include various styles of affirmations layered with cold hard facts to help keep the issue in perspective. Typically speaking these are the most common various of self help audio books. Beyond that there are the subliminal audio book tapes, which seek to aid the listener with their problems using hypnotic suggestion to your subconscious during a sleep state.

A great audio-book to assist a gambling addict is Stop Gambling Now which is a CD lecture series. Stop Gambling Now Volume 1 offers a detailed look into the problems associated with gambling addiction, and goes into detail about how gambling addiction differs from regular gambling, and its similarities to other forms of addiction from the perspective of compulsive gamblers. The goal of the tapes is to assist the listener in understanding their own condition or the condition of a loved one while providing support and several avenues of approach to help adjust negative behavior.

For those looking for a subliminal audio-book then BMV Quantum Subliminal CD: Stop Gambling is a popular choice. It offers state of the art subliminal techniques to provide the desired results. The product boasts promises to be able to program your subconscious to permanently end your gambling problem, and help get over addictive tendencies. The BVM Quantum Subliminal Matrix Technology includes various state of the art techniques, employing ultrasonic subliminal messaging and targeted brainwave entrainment systems designed to extract the best possible methods of achieving results. In addition to this there is a track of ultra-silent ultrasonic subliminal messaging that appears entirely silent to an awake human listener, meaning that you can program it to play anywhere to provide assistance without interruption. The BMV tape also champions a multichannel system for subliminal replication which they boasts is 100 times stronger than traditional subliminal messaging systems by allowing them to include 100 times the density of messages heard, though a multi-layering technique designed to optimize brainwave chatter, as well as new hybrid technology to help program your subconscious mind with proven results.

There are many more available for whatever your conditions might be. Keep your eyes open for a program that suits your addiction properly!

Sarah Danielson writes for Corboy and Demetrio, a Chicago injury lawyer firm.

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