Get Organized With Colette Leigh

December 7, 2012

The busy, modern lifestyle doesn’t leave a lot of time for housecleaning, and if you tend to put off this non-essential task in favor of say, work, caring for your family, or sleep, then you may have started to notice a decided abundance of clutter around the house. It starts small with stacks of magazines, piles of unopened mail, and clothing that never finds its way back to drawers or closets. And before you know it your home is overwhelmed by the many things that come in but never seem to leave. Even if you’re relatively neat with your clutter, the prospect of sifting through it to clear out the unnecessary and unwanted items can be a little daunting. But there are all kinds of strategies to help the modern adult clear the clutter and maintain an organized home. And author Colette Leigh aims to give you the tools and tips you need to make this happen in her audio book ‘Get Organized! Your 12-Month Home Clutter Killer Guide: Organizing the House, Decluttering and How to Clean Your Home to Perfection, Volume 1’.

The title may be a bit long-winded, but Leigh gets right to the point with her audio book, providing listeners with a basic 12-month guide to keeping an organized home that continues on to give detailed descriptions for every phase of your year-long project. The thing about cleaning and organizing that most people fail to understand is that it never has to get so bad that you can’t even face it. If you create a schedule and stick to it, you can clear away the mountains of clutter and easily maintain a space that is clean and tidy afterwards. And rather than simply delivering overarching themes concerned with limiting purchases or making donations, Leigh actually goes through the average home room by room, offering specific examples that will help you to organize a bedroom closet or kitchen pantry, for example.

It can definitely be difficult to surmount the discouraging mess that your home has become, but if you start off with planning you can easily work your way through one room at a time until they’re all spic and span. Leigh explains how to do this by creating checklists and planning out the entire process with charts to schedule and track everything from the errands you’ll need to run to the events and chores that will help to get your house in ship shape and keep it that way. She explains how to implement storage solutions that will really work for you in various parts of the house (the bins you use in the laundry room might not be right for the kitchen or office) as well as how to get through cleaning tasks faster than ever before.

Most of us don’t need anyone to tell us how to scrub a toilet or pick up the family room. And even without scheduling we know that the outdoor umbrellas have to be stored in the garage before winter, and that spring is the time for deep cleaning. But this audio book will help you to overcome the feeling that your task is insurmountable. By making a workable plan that includes proper organization through scheduling, chore charts, and checklists you can easily stay on top of the cleaning tasks in your home and keep it clear of clutter. And ‘Get Organized!’ can help you to do it.

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