‘Global Climate Change’ Expertly Explained

February 6, 2013

Orrin H. Pilkey isn’t the first person to tackle the topic of climate change and he’s not likely to be the last, either. He also isn’t a meteorologist, although he does hold a PhD in geology. So what makes him qualified to discuss climate change? As an expert in marine geology, Pilkey has spent his professional life studying coastal geology, and particularly barrier islands. He has published hundreds of articles in scientific journals, as well as written a number of books. And the vast majority of his work pertains to changing coastlines and coastal processes. While this has not necessarily made him an expert on the subject of climate change, it has certainly allowed him a unique perspective on the ways in which our planet has evolved over the last several decades, as well as a keen interest in preserving the planet for future generations. And his audio book, ‘Global Climate Change: A Primer’, seeks to impart some basic knowledge on anyone interested in the lowdown on global warming.

Written in concert with Keith C. Pilkey, Orrin’s son, this audio book begins, as expected, with the very primer that many people are looking for. The Pilkeys deliver a basic what’s what on both global climate change and the greenhouse effect, including a condensed history of Earth’s climate that points out the fluctuations in both temperature and tidal levels over time. Also explained are greenhouse gases, and the Pilkeys make sure to point out that although they have the power to make the planet uninhabitable though the advancement of global warming, we couldn’t actually live without them (provided they are present in acceptable levels). Many people argue that climate change is natural and that it has happened before, or that greenhouse gases are not as bad as the media has made them out to be. The Pilkeys agree on both points, but they want to make it clear that our current situation is a tenuous one, and that greenhouse gas emissions created by the technologies of modern man are bringing about rapid climate change that threatens our very existence.

‘Global Climate Change’ goes on to detail the potential impact of climate change should people refuse to alter their path, and the Pilkeys are quick to address both the arguments that have cropped up over the years claiming that climate change is nothing more than a hoax, as well as the massive lobby by the fossil fuel industry to undermine the science that proves the negative impact greenhouse gas emissions are having on our planet. The audio book goes on to detail the state of our planet’s ice and its oceans, speculate about the future of life on Earth, and posit that there may just be a way to turn things around, even at this late stage.

Listeners may find that the audio book is a little light in the way of scientific studies and environmental data resources, but this fits with the theme of offering interested parties a starting place from which to learn more about this critical issue. So whether you’re new to the global warming “debate” or you’d like a refresher course on the subject, pick up ‘Global Climate Change’ and give it a listen. You’ll get the skinny on the state of our climate as well as a warning about the future should we fail to address the growing issue of global warming.

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