Great on the Job Helps Listeners Get Leg Up With Language

March 9, 2012

All of us have made language-based blunders in our professions as well as our personal lives. But there is an extra weight involved with saying the wrong thing (or nothing at all) in the work setting, and it can have a marked impact on your ability to earn a living. Not only could you end up looking stupid in front of your boss, but if your blunder is big enough (or public enough) it could result in demotion or even job loss. At the very least it might impair your upward momentum in your current place of employment. So like most people, you could probably stand to improve your interpersonal communication skills. And let’s not even get started on the gaffes people make these days thanks to the virtual “shroud of invincibility” they mistakenly count on when engaging in social media consumption. Luckily, there is an audio book on the market that can help you.

Author Jodi Glickman launched her communications consulting firm, Great on the Job, back in 2008, with the intent of helping clients learn the people skills needed to make the most of their job opportunities. Since then, her simple, three-step training program has netted her such prestigious clients as Merrill Lynch, Citigroup, and Harvard Business School, just to name a few. And now she has released a book to relate her message to the masses. Great on the Job: What to Say, How to Say It. The Secrets of Getting Ahead is an introductory guide that will help anyone in business to improve their communication skills in order to succeed.

According to Glickman, four foundational traits are required to excel at productive communication: initiative, forward momentum, transparency, and generosity. And these traits, more than knowledge, skill, and experience, can help people to succeed in their chosen profession. Although you will certainly need to be able to do your job at some point, even those who are eminently qualified for a position and very good at what they do will be hard pressed to solve problems effectively and efficiently, move up the corporate ladder, or secure raises (for example) without the ability to communicate. But anyone facing barriers at work can find ways to overcome them using Glickman’s system.

The segments of this audio book progress in a predictable manner. Each one starts with a case study of a common workplace event (including variations both positive and negative) and offers advice on possible actions you could take to address these events in order to resolve them for a positive outcome. Finally, the segments wrap up with a Q&A section that helps you to troubleshoot. Glickman even includes sample language to incorporate into your conversations for immediate results. In short, she teaches you how to talk your way to success in the workplace. It doesn’t take an online communications masters degree to see that this audio book can be a useful tool in your professional arsenal. So whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been on the job for a while with limited results, give Great on the Job a listen if you want to learn to communicate more effectively.

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