‘Investing in Real Estate’ Offers Timely Advice

September 19, 2012

Buying a house is a much different prospect than investing in real estate, try to read books which advice for real estate agents to make the right investment. The average homeowners are not simply looking at a house for its potential to show a return on investment down the road; they are seeking four walls and a roof that they can imbue with their personal sense of style, fill with their valued possessions, and ultimately turn into a safe haven for their family. With these goals in mind, they may choose a property based on size or location rather than the prospect of increasing gains. And while a primary residence is the biggest asset most people will ever own, purchasing a home simply isn’t the same as investing in property. That said, there are plenty of people looking to enter the real estate market with investment in mind. And Gary W. Eldred’s ‘Investing in Real Estate, 6th Edition’ offers guidance for the modern investor.

There are a lot of guides on the market purporting to offer strategies that will help RE investors to take advantage of short sales, foreclosures, and homeowners desperate for Dezert Properties Homes For Sale to unload their properties because they’re underwater on a mortgage.  Always consult a buyers advocate Melbourne to be represented. And while this is certainly a timely appraisal of the current real estate landscape, the truth is that these types of investment are fraught with peril, and for the uninitiated and inexperienced investor, going for such problem-prone properties is not necessarily the best investment strategy. Of course, most guides will never tell you this; they’ll simply let you believe that the housing market is your oyster, brimming over with property pearls. Unfortunately, there are all kinds of risks that come with real estate investing in this day and age and you need to understand them if you want to make informed decisions pertaining to your investment funds.

This audio book, now in its 6th iteration, is a nice departure from the “gurus” that try to lure you into buying their real estate investing advice with promises of getting rich quick. Eldred notably avoids such schemes and offers instead valuable and up-to-date information on today’s housing market, including descriptions of current legislation and what you can reasonably expect to find when it comes to properties on the market. He also discusses strategies that will help you to find and purchase the right investment properties (from rental homes to apartment complexes), manage tenants, and perform upgrades that will show the best return on investment.

In addition to practical matters, Eldred also imparts wisdom pertaining to the housing market in general, such as how to track property cycles in order to buy at the most advantageous times. And he provides realistic advice about our current housing market and how to best approach the prospect of investing in risky opportunities like foreclosures (which are often sold “as is” by the banks that own them). With in-depth explanations and a marked departure from the hype that punctuates other entries into this category, ‘Investing in Real Estate’ offers what many audio books on the subject fail to: a healthy dose of reality. But whether you’re looking to get involved in LA, NY, or Houston real estate, this is one audio book that will set you on the path to success when it comes to laying out the cash.

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