Joining an Audio Book Club

June 1, 2011

A lot of people prefer audio books to the paper version simply because they don’t have time to read.  Just because you have a long commute, a demanding work schedule, and a household to manage doesn’t mean you can’t find time for literature.  You can listen to books while you drive, make photocopies, or prepare dinner.  And audio books on mp3 mean you can download entire selections almost instantly and carry them around in one very small listening device.  So what’s stopping you?  Perhaps you simply don’t know what’s out there in the world of audio books.  Or maybe you think it’s more expensive than simply buying a book.  You might even feel like you’re cheating by not reading a book the traditional way.  But believe it or not, there are a ton of benefits to joining an audio book club; here are just a few that you may want to consider.

  1. Save time.  You may have a certain amount of nostalgia for paper publications, but face it: you simply aren’t making time to read.  Never fear; you don’t have to miss out on your craving for stories just because you’re too busy to pick up a book.  Joining an audio book club will give you access to an entire world of literature that you can listen to while you drive, exercise, or perform any number of other daily activities.  You can even listen as you drift off to sleep (without having to worry about leaving the light on all night or waking up with drool all over the pages of your book).
  2. Save money.  Some audio book clubs offer rental options (like Netflix, they send you an audio book on disc that must be returned by mail).  Others will give you great discounts on purchases and downloads.  Still others simply charge a monthly fee and then send you the latest audio books to hit the market (or let you select from a list).  Whichever option you choose is almost certain to be cheaper than what you’d spend at, say, Barnes and Noble (on a paper book you’ll probably never pick up once you get it home).
  3. Great selection.  Many people have the misconception that they simply won’t get the same selection with audio books as they will with their paper counterparts.  And while it’s true that not every book is available in an audio format, you’ll almost certainly find the classics and anything that becomes a best seller.  Plus, many clubs guarantee that if the demand for an audio book is high enough, they’ll find a way to provide it.
  4. More than books.  While it’s true that the majority of text that comes in an auditory format is converted from literature, you might be surprised to learn that other publications can be had in this format as well.  Episodic podcasts, reminiscent of old radio shows, can now be found in mp3 downloadable format through some audio book clubs, as can magazine and newspaper articles in some cases.  In short, these clubs may have a lot more to offer than just the latest on the literary best-seller list.
  5. Relaxation.  Modern life is stressful, but reading has been shown to combat feelings of anxiety and result in a state of relaxation.  You can get the same benefits from listening to an audio book and mentally escaping your harried existence for a little while.  This can be especially soothing during a commute or if you have a particularly rambunctious household.

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