Kindle Books Need Marketing, Too

February 4, 2013

If you’re in the business of writing books and you’d rather take your chances with self-publishing rather than go the traditional route, you’re in luck, because these days you can keep the lion’s share of your profits and potentially reach an incredibly wide audience by selling your e-books on Amazon for use on the Kindle. You’ve no doubt heard success stories of people who have pulled in millions of dollars in profits this way, despite the fact that they couldn’t even get a minor publisher to give them a chance. However, there is one major issue you’ll have to deal with when it comes to self-publishing, and that is promotion. Without a publisher to promote your books you’ll have to handle the task on your own, and you might not have the first idea of where to start. Add to that the fact that there are tons of books out there purporting to help you achieve this goal, only to offer you advice that is too generic to be useful, and you may soon be pulling out your hair in frustration. So what’s a would-be e-book publisher to do? As it turns out, there is at least one audio book that can help you.

‘How to Promote, Market, and Sell Your Kindle Book: Amazon Kindle Publishing, Marketing, and Promotion Guide’ by Omar Johnson is an invaluable tool in your self-publishing arsenal and it’s chock full of useful information and valuable resources that can only help you when it comes to promoting your e-books in order to achieve optimum sales. The audio book begins by familiarizing listeners with Amazon’s e-book landscape, helping you to understand how the process of posting and selling an e-book works so that you can use the platform to your greatest benefit. You’ll learn how to select categories appropriately in order to reach a targeted audience, followed by tips and tricks to create stellar descriptions and nab trusted reviews.

The best part, though, is that Johnson offers specific examples of how to proceed, rather than the useless, generic schlock that most guidebooks of this type provide, leaving you to fill in the blanks on your own with no real direction. You’ll also learn how to appropriately price your book, scale it for maximum profitability, and even sell foreign publishing rights so that your e-book can reach an international audience. But of course, getting all your ducks in a row on Amazon is only the beginning when it comes to selling your book to Kindle users; you still need to engage in marketing and promotions so that consumers are made aware of your product.

Here, too, Johnson has the 411. Whether your goal is to market via social media platforms or you’d like to receive the top page ranking for certain searches on Google and Amazon, ‘Promote, Market, and Sell Your Kindle Book’ will help you to reach your professional goals where your e-books are concerned. At some point in the process you’ll have to deal with all kinds of issues, from securing reviews to arranging virtual book tours to hiring┬áreputation management services. And Johnson can offer you the information you need to face every obstacle. If you’ve seen other offerings of this type you may be understandably skeptical, but where other options have failed, this is one audio book that delivers the data you need to turn your online publishing venture into a major success.

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