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October 7, 2011

You likely lead a pretty busy life, like most adults.  Between getting the kids to school, making the morning commute, working hard all day, and running the household once you’re off the clock, you barely have time to sleep, much less pursue your personal interests.  But you need something fun in your life that is just for you.  And if you’ve always harbored an interest in the mystical and magical, then you can use audio books to learn everything you’ve always wanted to know, regardless of how busy your day is.  Here’s how.

For starters, you don’t really have to take time away from your many activities in order to enjoy the knowledge and entertainment that audio books can offer.  Since you only have to listen instead of devoting the attention required for reading, you can pop in an audio CD or load up an MP3 just about anywhere.  You can listen in the car during your morning commute or in the kitchen while you cook dinner for the family.  And instead of starting at the tube for a couple of hours before you drift off to dreamland, run a hot bath to unwind while you partake of your latest audio book adventure.

Now, as to what you can find to whet your palate where audio books are concerned, you might be surprised to learn that there is a wide world of options available for your listening pleasure.  In terms of audio books on magic, in particular, there are a number of topics you can pursue.  For starters, you could learn the history of magic, from the earliest shamans to the witches of Salem, all the way up to modern-day Wiccans.  You could discover how things that we now address scientifically were once thought to hold magical properties and how the perception of magic has changed throughout the course of time.

Or you might want to practice a bit of escapism by reading fictional accounts of magic users.  You could start with the Arthurian legend, in which magical influences weighed heavily, listen intently to the exploits of three witches in a town called Eastwick in the John Updike classic, check out the fun and puns in Piers Anthony’s long-winded series about the magical land of Xanth (there are over 30 books in the series at this point, many available in audio format), and even follow modern P.I. Harry Dresden from Jim Butcher’s now-famous series.  He just happens to do his sleuthing with a little help from his magical warlock powers.  In short, there are plenty of fictional books that will take you away from the bustle of your own life and deposit you directly into a world of magic.

But that’s not all; you could even learn some magic yourself.  Have you always wondered what goes on when the magician you hire for a party does his tricks?  Well, you can learn for yourself with a tutorial on magical performance that will teach you how to do everything from card and coin tricks to even bigger illusions.  In just a few hours of listening, you could amaze and delight your family and friends with magic of your own!  And all you have to do is pick up an audio book and listen while you attend to your daily tasks.

Sarah Danielson writes for Noel Qualter a popular magician London that performs at parties, weddings, and corporate events.

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