Learning a New Language with Audio Books

June 6, 2011

Are you planning on vacationing, studying, or working in a foreign country in the near future? If so, an auditory language book may be a cost effective and time efficient way of picking up a new language. Whether you haven’t spoken a word of the language in your life or you plan to learn and an introductory or advanced level, you will want to choose a program which is at the ideal educational, stylistic, and monetary level for you. The following companies provide various types of audio learning books, which cover a range of learning levels and abilities.

1. Berlitz is a great resource for over 20 different 60-minute language courses. From Arabic, to Korean, to Turkish you can pick up these basic starter audio language courses for discounted rates under $10.00 (US) per disc at online retailers like Amazon or Learnoutloud. Although grammatical rules are not included in these discs, several basic phrases and words are taught, which provide a quick basis for the language. These courses would be optimal for travelers who are taking a quick flight to a new country and need an introductory or brief refresher on the basics.

Berlitz also presents many similar audio books that come with phrase books.

2. Pimsleur creates auditory learning programs which cater to a variety of learning levels. Whether you are looking for a condensed 45 minute run down of basic phrases and words, a conversational level of learning (16 lessons), or a comprehensive and proficient understanding of the lanaguage (30-100 lessons), it is likely that you will find a course which is roughly at the level you are seeking to learn at. Over 50 languages are available on audio and depending on what level you require, may be purchased anywhere from approximately $10.00 to $350.00, when purchased at their site.

Pimsleur’s site offers in depth descriptions of what is provided for the eight different levels of learning and also offers the option to sign up for a free sample lesson if you are unsure of whether you would like to purchase an audio book from their company.

3. Living Language, a branch of the familiar Random House publishing company, provides different modes for auditory learning. This company offers starter to intermediate language courses which range from about $15.95 to $29.95. Introductory courses are based on three CDs tailored to learners who are mastering the basics on the go. For those who would like a little extra material, online written material is also available as an added resource with these courses.

Although many of their advanced audio courses come with written material, three CDs are also provided with these package types. Courses provide more comprehensive material which give the learner a framework with which to begin reading and writing the language as well as speaking it. Living Language is also beginning to add various modalities for audio books by offering French courses for iPhone, iPad, or Android owners. You can download introductory and complete French courses, which include games, flashcards, and quizzes to supplement the auditory portion.

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