Long Car Trips? Let Audio Books Keep You Company

May 11, 2011

While most of us don’t lead the life of a traveling salesman (necessitating endless hours in the car), there are plenty of people who have a long daily commute and most of us will be taking road trips this summer to make our vacation time count without breaking the bank (have you seen airline prices lately?).  In short, there are many reasons why you might find yourself stuck in a car for many an hour with nothing to do but scan for new radio stations every time you go over a hill (or illegally send text messages).  So instead of flirting with a ticket for illegal use of your cell phone (or utter boredom from yet another country music station), why not bring along some audio books to help pass the time?  Here are a few good reasons to stock up on your favorite reads…in audio format.

1.       Entertain the kids.  Telling a story is one of the best ways to get kids to settle down and drop off to dreamland at home, so why not try the same tactic in the car?  Of course, you’ll be busy driving, so keep audio versions of their favorite books on hand.  They’ll get into the story, leaving you free to watch the road.

2.       Learn while you drive.  Remember when you were young and had a variety of interests?  Now that you’ve joined the working world and started a family, you’d hardly recognize the person you were just a few short years ago.  But it’s never too late to pursue your interests.  By purchasing audio books on a variety of topics you can not only amuse yourself as you drive; you can also increase your knowledge base and retain an interest in all the things that once caught your fancy.

3.       Make the trip go faster.  An hour in heavy congestion can often feel more like an entire day (while a trip across the middle of America can feel endless).  So pop in an audio book and get lost in a plot and characters that will keep you riveted as you make your way down the 405 to your office, or all the way from L.A. to New York to visit Aunt Bessie.

4.       Keep up with your book group.  Be honest; you’re always behind on your reading for book group, aren’t you?  You thought it would be a great way to unwind and take on an outside interest, but between your job and the work waiting at home, you’re lucky to get a solid six hours of sleep, much less find time to read.  So pop in an audio CD or download the mp3 version to your player and put it on during your commute.  You’ll get ahead in your “reading” and enjoy gridlock a lot more.

5.       Avoid distraction.  Put down the cell phone!  You can’t read a book and you can’t write a text message while still focusing on the road.  So use an audio book in the car as a way to avoid other distractions.  You’ll get so sucked into the story that you won’t even want to check your buzzing phone for texts and Facebook updates.  Before you know it, your trip will be over.  And wonder of wonders, you’ll have made it safely to your destination without a single incidence of road rage or drifting into another driver’s lane due to TWD (texting while driving).

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