Moby Dick Audiobook Review

September 17, 2013

If you have a desire to know one of the great classics of American literature, you must definitely read Moby Dick.

You will find…

  • The story of a man – Ishmael – who recounts his tale, a tale that starts with his desire to be a whaler and leads us into adventures at sea.
  • The world contained on a ship – the Pequod – a watery existence where focus beyond the men by one’s side and whaling dangers just beyond, is as distant as the solid shores.
  • A deeply intimate and personal view of relationships – of shared thoughts and experiences that bond.
  • The revealing of how anger and vengeance can define one’s life, as it does for Ahab, Pequod’s peg-legged sea captain. His obsession with the whale Moby Dick and his crews allegiance to him, leads all to their doom. Or, nearly all…

Moby Dick has been read and reviewed time and time again… but no one’s words but Melville’s will begin to capture the energy of Ishmael’s first-hand view of his captain’s quest for revenge nor what that story reveals of the nature of man.

Melville, a native of New York City, lived from 1819 to 1891. He himself experienced life on a whaling ship and spent time as a Navy seaman. His writing is descriptive and detailed, often describing customs of whalers, how to capture whales, good and bad whales, and how to best preserve whales.

Herman Melville is a poignant writer who crafted a profound story, thus making it a classic.

Listen to Moby Dick in unabridged audiobook format and delve into the watery world of Ishmael and the crew of the Pequod today!

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