Perfect Sex (Hypnosis) Now Available on Audiobook

January 6, 2014

Perfect Sex (Hypnosis) by Dr. Janet Hall was designed for young lovers just beginning their exploration of their sexual nature. It may also be helpful to more experienced couples who find themselves in a sexual rut. Perfect Sex is written for couples to use together.

The book begins by identifying common myths young couples may believe about sex, and discussing how these myths often hold people back in the bedroom. Experimentation often involves breaking social norms. Feeling uneasy about doing this can mean leaving your fantasies unfulfilled.

Once sexuality and its role in society is clarified, the book moves on to talk about the goals of sex, as well as individual fantasies. The book describes sensational sex as the ultimate outcome, pairing maximum arousal with minimal stress.

Perfect Sex talks readers through how to live out their sexual fantasies step-by-step. The book discusses both the technical aspects of sex, such as controlling your own level of arousal, and the emotional bond that is being enhanced through making love.

Like many other works by the same author, Perfect Sex contains extensive passages of hypnosis. The techniques used are meant to help couples relax and be comfortable with their partners, as well as with the concepts that are being discussed.

Dr. Janet Hall is a clinical psychologist and hypnotherapist. She practices both in her native Australia and through more than 50 audiobooks and CDs. Hall’s other sex therapy hypnosis books include titles for women, men, teens and active older adults. She narrates the audiobook versions of all of her titles.

Perfect Sex (Hypnosis) is available for download in audiobook format from

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