Plague of Secrets by John Lescroart

July 31, 2009

A Plague of Secrets by John Lescroart, Narrated by David Colacci, is an excellent example of well written literature. In his latest installment of legal dramas, featuring Dismas Hardy as the main protagonist, John Lescroart does a fine job in weaving a complex mystery with suspense, drama, and tragedy, while in the end bringing everything together into a grand finale. When compared to the level of writing one has come to expect from Lescroart A Plague of Secrets falls short of what fans may expect.

The book itself is a spectacular story, but when compared to his previous works, it shows that Lescroart is taking his writing style in a new direction, which in the end may very well catapult him into new levels of fame. Although I have not read his previous books, this title has encouraged me to seek them out and immerse myself in this world he has crafted so spectacularly for the reader.

Adding to John Lescroart’s writing is the brilliant narration provided by David Collaci who has over the years narrated many audio books. His style of narration captures the listener’s imagination allowing them to experience the story in a whole new way. The style of narration that he has developed over his fifteen years of doing audio books shows true talent and experience. His ability to diversify characters and keep with the style of writing without taking ones attention away from the story itself is a testament of his skill and ability.

When compared to the works of other mystery authors, one is doing Lescroart a disservice, as he brings his own style to the mystery genre, and as such to compare him to the likes of Conan Doyle and other famous authors would do little to properly define this book. When you consider the new style of writing that Lescroart is trying to develop it is truly unfair for anyone to compare it to other books, even his own. Every book is different, just as every style of writing is different. This book delves more into aspects like theme and story than others of its kind do, and as such provides a kind of elegance and fulfillment that other mysteries lack.

Anyone who has not yet picked up a copy of this audio book is truly missing out on a wonderful experience and is recommended to rectify this as soon as they can.

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