Popularity of Electronic Books Continues to Grow

February 14, 2011

Technology continues to reshape the way we live our lives. Some people might say that it’s become a negative force detracting from tradition. This is obviously not the popular consensus given that so many people have wholeheartedly embraced technology. It has, yet again, reinvented the wheel as reported by Teleread.com.

Ereaders came onto the scene several years ago and have soared in popularity. Nearly 8 percent of the population currently uses an electronic book device – meaning  1 in 10 people are now using an ereaders.   They also have an expected growth rate of 12 percent for the next few years.

Books have remained relatively unchanged in recorded history, but electronic reading devices are beginning to move to the forefront as more and more people are purchasing them. Companies, such as Apple, are seeing record profits on iPads.

With the popularity of different devices, such as the Kindle, you can now read and surf the web. This allows you to download the latest novelas or skim through the morning paper that’s delivered right to your electronic device every morning, without having to leave the house.

There is much discussion taking place over the growing roll of ebooks in society. The Guardian, a British news organization, discusses how the electronic media resources are coming of age and replacing the paper system. Some theories have suggested that eventually ereaders will take the place of textbooks in our education institutions in the not so distant future. Many colleges are already considering replacing textbooks, and even some libraries are starting to supplement their archives with electronic resources.

With the advancing technology of ereaders, there is the likelihood that our use will continue to grow and ultimately become the way in which we read and learn. One day paper may be a thing of the past. This seems like the first step in that direction.

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