Potty Training Tots With Less Stress

December 10, 2012

Many parents are understandably nervous about the prospect of teaching their child how and when to use the toilet. Since most of us don’t remember the process ourselves, we have no experience to draw on. And while you can certainly get help from your parents, you might not want to use the same food rewards your mom did (M&Ms?) to make sure your child uses the bathroom instead of his diaper (as the new school of thought is that such reward systems can lead to food issues down the line). Luckily, there are all kinds of guides to help you out with the parenting problems you can’t handle on your own, and one great audio book that deals specifically with the difficulties of potty training is “Parenting Guide to Toilet Training” by Calvin A. Colarusso, M.D.

Colarusso, a child psychologist with fifty years of experience under his belt, wants to let parents know that toilet training is an exercise they need not dread. While many parents feel ill-equipped to teach this particular lesson, it’s really not rocket science. At approximately 18-24 months of age, most children are capable of being trained to use a toilet. And if you know the signs to look for, you will actually be able to identify the right time to begin training your toddler to use the toilet so that you can start weaning him off diapers. This isn’t to say that accidents won’t occur early on, but if you know when your child has reached a stage where he’s ready to begin potty training, you can significantly reduce the frustrations that some families face due to the fact that their child simply isn’t able to tell when he needs to go.

In addition, Colarusso can help you with the inception of this process with a handy how-to guide for helping your child to determine when he has to go, as well as providing the tools needed to make it easier for him (and for you). “Parenting Guide to Toilet Training” provides you not only with the skills to cope with any issues that might come up, but also with a list of the equipment you’ll need throughout the process, from potty chairs to training seats to training pants. In short, it takes you through the process from start to finish with all the prep and steps needed to take your child from diapers to the toilet.

Of course, the most useful aspect of this audio book is the psychology behind it, and this is where parents will benefit most. Potty training can be stressful and frustrating for both you and your child, especially if you go about it the wrong way. But it’s important to approach it with the right attitude if you want the developmental process to be beneficial to your child and have long-lasting positive effects. Achieving this milestone is an important part of your child’s young life, and any negative associations could have unforeseeable consequences. Potty training your child may seem like a simple enough task, but it’s more complex than installing¬†flush up toilets¬†on your own. So don’t attempt it without a little help from Dr. Colarusso and his handy guide.

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