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September 24, 2009

I’m a member of – I can have two audiobooks out at a time. Sometimes, when the books are short, I find myself without an audio book for a day or two. This is unsatisfactory.
I used to download free audiobooks at
Librivox is a great service. The best thing about librivox is that the audiobooks are free. The worst thing about librivox is that the audiobooks are free. I’ve listened to several books that were read by extremely talented readers using high quality recording equipment. I’ve also listened, or started to listen to audiobooks read by readers with speech impediments or severe regional accents that are either hard to understand or unbearable to listen to. When you are trying to listen to an audiobook, bad reading makes it impossible.
There are still other books where a different reader takes over from chapter to chapter. These are really hard, as you tend to get used to the way a reader reads a certain character. When ten different readers read the book, there is no continuity.
I found an excellent place for free audiobooks – iTunes. (DUH)
In iTunes, go to Podcasts – AudioPodcasts – Literature
There are a lot of classics, all read by professional readers. There’s are also a selection of modern fiction books.
I’ve also found this list a good resource:

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