‘Recover to Live’ Could Save Lives

February 7, 2013

Author Christopher Kennedy Lawford is no stranger to fame and the addictions that often come with it, being the son of entertainer Peter Lawford and Patricia Kennedy (JFK and Bobby’s sister). In fact, he became embroiled in the drug culture of the 1970s and found himself addicted to both narcotics and the acclaim afforded his famous family. And while he detailed his own struggles with addiction and his ultimate recovery in ‘Symptoms of Withdrawal: A Memoir of Snapshots and Redemption’, he would go on to help many others, portraying their incredible stories in a second offering, ‘Moments of Clarity: Voices from the Front Lines of Addiction and Recovery’ and other Drug Rehab services you can find for this. But it seems that Lawford hasn’t yet uttered his last words on the subject of addiction. With twenty-five years of sobriety under his belt, along with ongoing efforts to raise awareness of addiction and enact change through both government agencies and nonprofit organizations, he’s back with a brand new audio book that focuses squarely on the most common types of addiction and he uses the wisdom of experts to deliver a message that recovery is possible.

‘Recover to Live: Kick Any Habit, Manage Any Addiction: Your Self-Treatment Guide to Alcohol, Drugs, Eating Disorders, Gambling, Hoarding, Smoking, Sex, and Porn’ is aptly-titled (if long-winded). Lawford’s goal in creating this audio book was to target the seven most widespread substance-use and abuse disorders of global significance in order to help those who suffer from various addictions realize that they have a problem, but also that they have the power to overcome it. Lawford wants to help people everywhere to “reach their full potential” by providing them with accurate information about recovery as well as the knowledge that they can make a change. He does this not only by attacking the most common types of addiction facing modern man, but by providing insight and advice from some of the leading experts in the field of addiction and recovery.

Lawford wants people to know that “toxic compulsions” are not viewed in the same way they once were. Medical science on the subject has advanced to the point that we now have a good idea, in many cases, where such compulsions come from and why some people suffer them while others seem to have no predilection to addiction. He also makes a point of noting that while many types of addiction are similar, they can also be very different. And the distinctions between them may dictate the types of treatment that will help people to overcome their particular addictions (although he seems to favor the 12-step methodology that is widely believed to deliver the best chances of staying clean and sober).

The book ostensibly has two sections, the first of which focuses on addiction while the second veers towards options for recovery, and many readers will be delighted to see that he not only offers resources for addicts, but also for family and friends looking for ways to help their loved ones (and themselves) throughout the recovery process. With plenty of input from noted experts and his own experience to fall back on, Lawford has crafted and audio book that is a must-listen for anyone dealing with addiction problems (or helping a loved one in such a scenario). And whether you’d like to know more about addiction or you’re looking for a New York orĀ Los Angeles recovery center, ‘Recover to Live’ can give you the information you seek and steer you towards a life that is free of addiction.

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