Return to Sullivans Island By Dorothea Benton Frank

August 2, 2009

Return to Sullivans Island is a fictional book by Dorothea Benton Frank. It is a sequel to her book Sullivans Island in which she tells the story of the Hamilton and Hayes families. Author Beth Hayes is just out of college and her parents have asked her to house sit the Island Gamble. Almost overcome with sentimental memories of growing up on the tiny sandbar which still looks exactly the same she decides she will see what wisdom it actually holds for her.

Beth promises she will never give into a world of mini vans and ever lasting love. Just when Beth vows this she meets Max Mitchell who would change her life in a way she could have never thought. Soon all of her vows and and plans seem to be changing so quickly. There is so much Beth doesn’t know about her family’s life or past and she fears what she doesn’t know is going to end up hurting her.

Her lack of knowing anything about the matter and the fact that she is very naive leads her to almost lose both her inheritance from her family as well as lose her family’s respect. Beth finds some unexpected friends that end up helping her through the terrible times she is facing. Her return to Sullivans Island teaches her about betrayal and tragedy and whats it’s like when it hits so close to home. She quickly learns that when when a magical place loves you so much it will do anything to keep you as it’s own. She learns what it is that her family has really been keeping from her for so very long. Are her friends and family betraying her or being loyal.

Another good fiction thriller is Blood Memory by Margaret Coel. Catherine McLeod is an investigative reporter who has been covering a case by the Arapaho and Cheyenne tribes to regain 27 million acres of land that once belonged to them. After Catherine almost doesn’t survive an assassination attempt on her life she decides it is best to lay low for awhile and keep out of harms way. But she is persistent in trying to cover the story and it soon leads to her uncovering a very shocking conspiracy no one could have expected. They even give her some eye opening truths about her own heritage that she never knew before. Something she may not be ready for.

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