How to Select the Right Audio Book for a Gift

September 21, 2010

Many consider choosing the right gift an art form. Some plan a whole year in advance searching high and low for the perfect gift that will get the “wow” factor upon opening. For anyone who reads books, an audio book may not seem to be the first choice for a gift. But upon closer examination, the audio book may be the perfect gift you’ve been looking for all year. Audio books are affordable, portable, and are entertaining to listen to. They can keep you company on long road trips, a great gift for any friend who does a significant amount of traveling. The key to the perfect present can be selecting the right audio book. Here are a few tips on how to find a gem amongst the hundreds of audio books now available.

Start by thinking about the kinds of books the person receiving the gift may enjoy. Make a list that will answer these questions: What kinds of books to they enjoy reading? What types of authors have they read in the past? Is there a popular audio book adaption of these books? Do they have any particular hobbies, or interests? Are there any popular audio books out from best-seller lists? Once you have answered these questions, you will have a better idea of the kind of audio book you would like to purchase. Considering their interests will help narrow down your search and provide insight into the best audio books. If the person enjoys carpentry, or writing, consider purchasing an audio book on these specific topics. They will appreciate how thoughtful you were in thinking about their personal interests.

You may want to consider visiting your local library to check out some audio books before you purchase one. This will help give you an idea of how a book is adapted into an audio book and if it is enjoyable to listen to. Some books are better to read, while others are more enjoyable to listen to. By screening some of these books prior to a purchase, it will ultimately help you select the perfect gift. It is also important to consider the narrator when selecting an audio book as a gift. Choose somebody that may interest the person you are giving the gift to. This could be a famous actor, or author that this person may have an interest in.

If you are at a loss for what to select, try asking someone who can recommend a good audio book. This can be your mother, or best friend, even a teacher, or colleague. Family and friends are typically the best people to give an honest opinion and generally make the best audio book recommendations. You could even ask your local bookstore for a suggestion.

Reading reviews online, or in the newspaper can be another beneficial tool in selecting the best audio book for a gift. Reviewers can give you an idea of why something is so popular, or why it wouldn’t be a smart purchase. Customers’ reports are the best way to know a listener’s response and reaction to an audio book, especially if you have never herd it yourself.

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