Silence by Thomas Perry

August 1, 2009

Slow, eased narration begins a story that quickly sinks it’s teeth in, and doesn’t let go. The tale speaks of a young woman by the name of Wendy Harper. Wendy, having more than her share of a life of endless trouble decides she needs to vanish, without a word. Things are going well, and Wendy’s life is now on track, and going to plan. Or so she thinks. If you are looking for the kind of story with a lot of bite, action, and hard to resist intensity, Silence is definitely one you should look into.

After her disappearance, a slap in the face brings a wakeup call to Wendy, sometimes you can’t just run away from your problems. Occasionally, you must face the head on. Wendy’s exboyfriend, and her business partner is now being framed for her disappearance, and perhaps even her murder. Just when he thought things we’re going to be okay, after six years of peace, Jack Till must find Wendy. He must find her, and he must explain to her that, even though he wanted to see the girl serene. Some things just aren’t worth the loss that he is sure is about to happen.

With every subtle whisper, and accentuated tone of voice, Michael Kramer leads you deeper, and deeper into this story. Making every fear of Wendy’s one of your own. The narrator’s voice brings you closer and closer to that final chapter. Weaving a dreamcatcher through your mind. You’ll never want to hit the pause button on this Audiobook.

As soon as you place it in your cdplayer, you’ll be stuck for thirteen hours of a psychological thrillride that will surely leave you yearning to grasp your hands around yet another story by Mr. Perry. Thomas Perry delivers the goods, every bit of action, romance, and pure pageturner you could expect, AND MORE. Pair a master story teller up with a man whose voice sends chillbumps up your spine, and you most assuredly have one of the best audiobooks one could expect to pick up.

Just imagine yourself sitting in your bedroom with your earphones on, quiet, calm, tranquil as each syllable carries you deeper in, then all of a suddenly you feel the hairs on the back of your neck stickup, as your heroine tries to escape the clutches of the very ones who caused her to run, knowing she has no choice but save the innocence of a man she onced loved. The story will have you applauding, crying, and certainly begging for more. Pick up Silence by Thomas Perry Audiobook today, you will definitely not be disappointed.

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