Social Business by Design

October 9, 2012

Anyone who tells you that businesses don’t need an online presence in order to compete these days is either woefully misinformed or intentionally trying to mislead you, no doubt for nefarious reasons of their own. But aside from the basics, like a website, a shopping cart, an on-site blog, and marketing efforts meant to spread your name and develop your brand in the online arena, you also need to have a marked social media strategy in place if you want to take your efforts to the next level. Whether you are interested in making forays into this growing platform for communications or not, social networking is the future, and you’d better get on board if you want to grow your business. This means embracing forums like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, and whatever else happens to become the flavor of the month down the road. And if the prospect strikes you as a little overwhelming, don’t fear; there are many resources available to help you out. One that may provide a good starting place, as well as a useful reference, is ‘Social Business by Design: Transformative Social Media Strategies for the Connected Company’ by Dion Hinchcliffe and Peter Kim.

Even if you have personal profiles set up on a number of social media outlets, you might not fully realize the power and opportunity presented by the platforms when it comes to your business. Hinchcliffe and Kim start with the basics, explaining concepts like crowdsourcing, social media marketing, and social supply chains for the uninitiated. They not only discuss the inner workings of the social media landscape, but they also cover the advantages of using these platforms in connection with your online strategy and how to apply the principles of other outreach efforts to these sources. In short, they offer solutions for social media that start with basic, foundational knowledge and work up to full-blown implementation, taking you from the planning stages through to completion.

In addition, the lessons provided are supplemented with real-world examples of how major brands are making their mark through the social media landscape. Companies like Ford, IBM, and Procter & Gamble, just to name a few, might seem like they have little prospect left for expansion, but with the opportunities for global impact that reaches across demographics, these companies have proven that they still have room to grow. And you can learn from their successes and failures alike. The audio book also offers samples of what not to do, like ignoring the public’s call for information (they single out BP and Toyota as two prime examples).

Hinchcliffe and Kim are offering more than just a brief overview of modern social media; they’re giving businesses an organizational model that will allow them to take full advantage of the social and technological trends that are sweeping the planet. You simply need to take the tenets provided and find ways to apply them to your own business, whether that means reaching out through text-based forums and getting yourself an engaging and compelling ghost-tweeter or pushing guerilla content via YouTube through specialized software like In truth, understanding the benefits and basic operations of social media are essential to moving your business forward, regardless of how you choose to utilize them. But with the help of ‘Social Business by Design’ you will start to learn the ins and outs of making the system work for you.

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