Star Wars: Fate of the Jedi, Book 2: Omen By Christie Golden

August 3, 2009

Star Wars fate of the Jedi, book 2: omen by Christie golden is a fictional audiobook. The Jedi order is in trouble. Te late Jacen Solo’s horrific change into a murdering Sith Lord, Darth Caedus has cast a horrible pall over those who use the force for good.

Two of the Jedi Knights have crumbled to a dangerous and scary psychosis. Being charged with criminal acts Luke Skywalker has driven himself into exile. Chief of state Natasi Daala is Hungary for power and turns out to exploit anti-Jedi to undermine the order’s influence with the Galactic Alliance. Luke Skywalker has been forbidden to get involved in any Jedi affairs yet he is on a desperate attempt to uncover the truth behind Jacen’s change over to the dark side. He is determined to find out what is turning the usually peaceful Jedi into psychopaths.

In order for him to do this it will mean going into the space of the Kathol Rift and trying to reason and bargain with aliens. As the terrible events keep getting worse he must do everything he can to save Coruscant. Suffering the same memory lapse as her brother Jedi Jysella Horn faces the same grim fate after Nastasi has them captured by her police. Even greater threats are lurking when a star ship crashed on an unknown planet leaving those who survived stranded there.

Over hundreds of years their numbers have increased and it is only a matter of time before they come to reclaim there destiny as the rulers of the galaxy. There is only one person who remains in there way only one person who can save everything, only Luke Skywalker can help.

Another good fictional audiobook is Swimming: a book by Nicola Keegan. It is story about the rise of an Olympic champion. It is a story about obsession, competition, the need for winning, and a young girls unending spirit to stay in the game. Pip is tall, smart, and funny yet her life out of the water is troubled. Dealing with a absent father, drug addicted sister and a mother who is terrified of public places.

Although Pip is dealing with these troubles in the water she is unbelievable. She has style, beauty, and grace in the water. Under water she lets go of all her troubles and problems and allows herself to be free in the water and bring out her talent for swimming.

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