Sworn to Silence: A Thriller By Linda Castillo

July 30, 2009

Sworn to Silence: A Thriller is a fictional audiobook by Linda Castillo. In a slow paced small rural town in Painters Mill, Ohio some secrets are to scary to share and some crimes are to horrible to even solve. The Amish residents have lived together for two centuries side by side in peace but 16 years ago something terrible happened that changed the quiet peaceful town of Painters Mill forever.

A brutal series of murders shattered the community leaving them fragile and afraid. Kate Burkholder a young Amish girl lived through the terror of what was known as the slaughter house killer. She survived it knowing that she would no longer belong to the Amish. She left the town of Painters Mill and gained a great deal of experience that she would have never gained if she had remained in Painters Mill.

Years later she was asked to return to Painters Mill to become there chief of police. The town believed with her Amish roots and big city experience that it made her the perfect person for the job. Kate is certain she has come to terms with what had happened years before during that horrible time but when she sees the first murdered body laying in a snowy field she realizes it is still fresh in her mind. Kate makes a promise to herself that she will solve these murders and make the town of Painters Mill safe again.

In order for her to do this she must betray her family, friends, and go against her Amish past and expose a deep dark secret she has been holding that could destroy her. Will she be able to solve these horrific murders by risking her own life.

Another good fiction book but perhaps not as interesting is Rain Gods by James Lee Burke. It is a fictional audiobook set in a small town in Texas near the Mexican border. Hackberry Holland moves to this small town to become sheriff and leave behind haunted, bad memories of his late wife.

Suddenly the death of nine illegal aliens that have been brutally murdered and left in a shallow grave behind a church brings him to the realization that he won’t escape his past so easily. It is up to Holland to figure out who is behind the string of mass murders before more people turn up dead. It is thrilling and intricate the whole way through.

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