To Teach a Child to Read: How Audiobooks Can Help Reluctant Readers

September 30, 2013

It’s no question that reading isn’t an innate skill. It takes practice, dedication, and patience. Unfortunately, not every child is born with these traits. Have heart though, because there are plenty of things you can do to help your child foster a love of reading, even if he or she doesn’t particularly like it at first.

One easy way to do this is via audiobooks. Audiobooks help the reluctant reader by getting them into the story without them ever actually having to open a page. When it comes to teaching a child to love reading, teaching them to love the story comes first. As the child gets more comfortable, have them read along with the audiobook for practice. Before you know it, you’ll have a stellar reader on your hands.

Audiobooks are also a godsend to parents of children with learning disorders. Disorders such as dyslexia can be crippling and embarrassing for a child. Reading school assignments becomes a chore, and getting the child to read a simple chapter book can be a supreme challenge. Then, the next day in class, the embarassment creeps in. All the other children know the story…yours doesn’t. Audiobooks can help. There are thousands available on Several of them are classics that your child will likely be assigned eventually.

In this way, audiobooks can do everything from teaching your child to read to boosting his or her confidence. There is no reason your little reader should be crippled by reluctance, especially that brought about by something as difficult for the child as a learning disorder. So jump into audiobooks with both feet. Pretty soon, you’ll have a stellar reader on your hands.

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