The Age Curve audio book download by Kenneth W. Gronbach

December 23, 2008

The Age Curve audio book download by Kenneth W. Gronbach:

“In business, one thing is certain: What worked 15 years ago won’t work today, and what works today will at some point in the future fall flat.

Every 20 years or so a new generation is born, bound together by common wants, needs, motives, and events. As each generation ages, we all recognize that its members become ripe for consuming a changing array of products and services. But what most organizations fail to consider is that today’s demand cannot be projected from yesterday’s successes, because the one unchangeable and most dominant determinant of consumer demand is the size of the generation that is ripe for a given product or service…”

Author : Kenneth W. Gronbach
Publisher : 2008 Brilliance Audio Inc
Length : 6 hours (Unabridged)

Download your own audio book copy of The Age Curve by Kenneth W. Gronbach and position your business today for future markets.

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