The Fixer Upper By Mary Kay Andrews

July 29, 2009


The Fixer Upper is a fictional book by Mary Kay Andrews. It is a great comedy about a woman on a mission to fix up her house as well as her life. Lobbyist Dempsey Jo Killebrew is left almost broke, not employed, and homeless after a political scandal. She doesn’t really want to but she accepts the duty to refurbish Birdsong an old family place in Georgia.

But little does Dempsey known that she is in for a big surprise, something she could have never expected would happen. The house was a dump to say the least. There is a grumpy, cruel old women that has settled there and calls it home and she will not leave for anything. It seems everyone in Guthrie, Georgia knows Dempsey’s business.

Everyone from a charming real estate agent to the good looking lawyer who owns the town’s newspaper knows her business. Dempsey doesn’t mind people knowing her and talking about her but there is an FBI agent that just won’t leave her alone. He shows up at her door hoping to get some information on her ex-boss.

She really has no choice but to grin and bear it and she begins to fix the place up. As time passes a job that she was only doing because she felt forced to actually becomes a job she does out of love. She is suddenly on a journey that takes her somewhere she never thought possible, it takes her back home again.

Another good fiction book but perhaps not as much a story of finding yourself is The Pretend Wife by Bridget Asher. For Gwen Merchant she has never had an abundance of love in her life. She received little from her father who ended up burning himself in his work when Gwen’s mother had passed away. Her husband Peter is has always been respectful to her and has always kept her safe but love was something she was shown little of.

When an old college boyfriend Elliot Hull suddenly makes his way back into Gwen’s life he has a very unexpected proposition for her. Elliot is looking for a pretend wife for a weekend to fulfill his dying mothers wish of seeing him get married. Gwen soon finds herself liking his odd but wonderful family. Yet she discovers a few secrets of her own and she starts to rethink everything she has ever believed love was.

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