The Literacy Benefits of Audio Books for Your Kids

September 1, 2010

Children thoroughly enjoy listening to their parents read them stories aloud. They beg and beg for mommy to read them “just one more story” and can often recite the words to a favorite fairy tale word for word. One of the best educational tools for your child that can provide them with more opportunities than just reading is listening to an audio book. Understanding the importance of listening skills can not only educate your child, but also push them to new, exciting levels of literacy.

The most important benefit of using audio books is the capacity to increase reading level comprehension while utilizing and strengthening their listening skills. This combination gives your child the opportunity to exercise various parts of the brain that are critical to their development. Not only will this help them transition into various subjects at school; it will also improve their test scores, social skills, and written performance.

Audio books are easy to listen to while running errands, or on long car rides. Your children can enjoy the benefits of reading along with a booklet, often provided as a supplementary tool with the audio book. This will grant your child the opportunity to understand word recognition and promote reading comprehension while enjoying the physical satisfaction of listening to a good story. Visual and audio skills are developed through audio books by emphasizing the importance of listening and reading.

Sometimes, a child will have difficulty showing any interest in reading. They refuse to pick up a book, and may even be falling behind in class. Audio books give your child a different approach to reading, which may be the tool needed to spark their interest. Not all children learn the same way, and maybe your child is more of an audio learner then a visual learner. In that case, audio books would be the perfect tool to help them slowly transition into reading books. This can introduce them to how new words sound, which can be implemented in their every day lives. By associating how words sound with how they appear on the page, children can correlate meaning to words, which increases their understanding of sentence structure.

Another benefit of audio books is for pure entertainment. Children often enjoy hearing different narrators describe their favorite stories. Accompanied with music, audio books can be a fun and valuable tool for helping your children enjoy listening and reading. They will have an easier time completing listening tasks at school and will take pleasure in reading time with their teachers and friends. They will no longer shy away from an opportunity to read aloud, and may even show interest in performing the words like some of their favorite narrators.

The best part about audio books is that they are affordable, portable, and can be listened to over and over. Many libraries offer an extensive collection of books on tape for your enjoyment. What better way to enjoy a family vacation than to listen to an audiotape, and then see the after-effects on your kid’s lives.

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