The Prince of Storms: The Entire and the Rose Audiobook Review

February 8, 2010


Christian Rummel lends his vocals for the audio version of the fourth installment in the series of books by Kay Kenyon. The audiobook, released on January 26, 2010, is a must listen to for any fan of the series, or those who simply are seeking an intriguing story line.
In the final installment of these science fiction novels, the star of the show, Titus Quinn is forced to make the choice of being for or against his heart and his land. The series of books are quiet entertaining, and you almost feel as if it is real life instead of fantasy.
The audiobook is available on cassette tape as well as compact disc, with excellent sound quality.
Titus rules the Universe inside a universe known as Entire, and since deciding to pass over the rulership to his daughter, his decision becomes uncertain after she is linked to a well known physic whom he distrusts and fears that The Entire might be in danger if he lets his thrown go.

The struggle to do what is best leaves the finale of the series breathtaking and memorable for all. The Universe ruled by Titus is much more than what is on the human level, and the rose may forced to die to save the Universe.It will leave you on the edge of your seat, ready to learn more of what’s to become of Titus and the universe.
Christian Rummel’s voice makes the novel even more appealing. It is if he was meant to read books aloud, as each paragraph and storyline seems to come alive behind the voice. You can almost imagine yourself taken back to the fantasy world in which he is depicting. When the story calls for a new character, Rummel is automatically transformed into the new person immediatley.
Kay Kenyon is a fantastic writer with many other exciting titles under her belt, including Maxium Ice and Rift, both keeping in the sci-fi spirit and being quiet intriguing themselves.
For those who enjor science fiction work and the Prince of Storms series, Frank Herbert offers a great series of books titled “Dune”, keeping with the mythology associates with science fiction novels. Fans may also enjoy work from authors such as Dan Simmons, H G Wells, and Phillip K. Dick, who have each written some of the best sci fi stories in history.
All of these authors are award winners, and Dan Simmons’ latest book, ILUM, takes you to the Trojan War and into the realms of gods, goddesses, and Greece. The book is well written, easy to follow, and a good book all around.
All of the above books and authors seem to be extremley talented at writing science fiction books that leave you wanting more, yearning to involve yourself in the lives of the characters being portrayed, and feeling compassion for the actions and consequences in the fantasy lives.

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