The Time Traveler’s Wife Audio Book by Audrey Niffenegger

September 2, 2009


The Time Travelers Wife is a captivating love story that takes you in from the very first spoken word. It is wonderful to listen to whether you are at the beach or just driving in your car. It never disappoints and often surprises the listener. My complete enjoyment of the audio book was enhanced by the comforting and clear tones of the narrators William Hope and Laurel Lefkow who are the voices of Henry and Clare. Their narratives made me feel like I was part of the story right from the beginning. Their characterizations are outstanding and bring this book to life.
The Time Traveler’s wife is a wonderfully woven tale of love under the most difficult of circumstances. Henry DeTamble is a time traveler, but not by his own choosing. He has a genetic mutation called Chrono-Displacement Disorder that causes him to spontaneously jump through time. When this happens, he just disappears, leaving his clothes and possessions behind. At times he travels back in time and visits himself at an earlier age. One of the places that often travels to is the meadow located behind Clare’s house. They first meet when she is six and he is thirty-six, and through the years, Clare meets him there and falls in love with him.

The book is called The Time Traveler’s Wife, but it is also Henry’s story as well. Every chapter begins with the date and the ages of Clare and Henry at the time, and sometimes there is more than one age for Henry because of the time travels. I enjoyed seeing their lives from both perspectives. I felt Clare’s fear every time Henry left. Sometimes his actions in the past or the future affected her life in the present. And it makes you feel compassion as Henry struggles to cope with his mutation while trying to remain safe with Clare and keep their secret.
The characters of The Time Travelers’s Wife are well rounded and known to us all. Henry and Clare could be people that you know. They both have fears and flaws that we can all identify with.
A book of the same genre is The Last Time They Met by Anita Shreve. The Last Time They Met is a love story between a man and a woman who have a lifelong relationship even though they have only been together three times in their lives.

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