Top 5 Audio Books on Fashion and Beauty

March 14, 2012

As a culture we tend to be obsessed not only with finding beauty, but also with hanging onto it for as long as possible. Hence a multibillion dollar industry focused on fashion, cosmetics, therapies, and treatments meant to make us appear more beautiful. And while some are consumed with the pursuit of that youthful glow or finding a gown that hides every imperfection, there are also those who would rather work the other side of the lens, so to speak, by creating the fashions and beauty products of tomorrow. But whether you’re in the industry, looking to partake, or simply peering at the whole beauty mess from the perspective of a bystander, you can’t help but admit that our culture is hopelessly consumed by the pursuit of beauty. And here are just a few audio books on the subject that both pros and laymen will appreciate.

  1. Producing Fashion: Commerce, Culture, and Consumers by Regina Lee Blaszczyk. We would all like to believe that fashion designers consider the wants and needs of the public they are creating for, but the truth is that this business, like many others, is more concerned with teaching us how to think about fashion (and that means immersing ourselves in the designer’s vision). But how do they change our minds? Through marketing, licensing, and retail, as it turns out. And this compilation of nine full-length essays (previously published elsewhere) illustrates this principle with an eye on the rise of high fashion and the growth of the industry’s commercial success.
  2. Meet Coco Chanel: Inspirational Stories by Charles Margerison. Anybody who has even an iota of knowledge concerning the fashion industry has likely heard of this style icon, whose clean lines created a classic look that millions of women still emulate. This introduction to the woman behind the wardrobe may be short, but anyone interested in her rags-to-riches story should definitely download it.
  3. Good Girls Don’t Have to Dress Bad: A Style Guide for Every Woman by Shari Braendel. Nobody ever really teaches us how to dress. For the most part we just stumble along, using mannequins and other women for inspiration. Braendel seeks to change that be teaching women to dress for the body they have (rather than the one they used to have or the one they wish they had). She can help the average woman to find the perfect pair of jeans, flattering swimwear, and the proper accessories for any outfit. In the wide world of fashion and beauty, this go-to guide will serve you better than an issue of Cosmo.
  4. Off the Cuff: The Essential Style Guide for Men and the Women Who Love Them by Carson Kressley. Probably best known for his stint on Queer Eye, Kressley is still offering up sage advice to help all the bros out there embrace their outer beauty (and get the garments to match). With a timeless sense of style and an extensive knowledge of men’s fashion, Kressley can help any guy to spruce up his wardrobe and become the handsome stud his woman is looking for.
  5. Ask Ilse: An Advisors Guide to Cosmetic Plastic Surgery by Ilse Wolf. The┬ábest dental plans┬ácan give you that Hollywood smile and a good ophthalmologist can help you into some contact lenses. But how many of us feel confident about going under the knife to improve our appearance? Wolf, who has been an advisor in the plastic surgery profession for twenty years, uses this format to discuss potential problems that can occur during and after cosmetic procedures, as well as guide listeners through what to expect, helping them to ease into the process of pursuing the beauty that didn’t come to them naturally.

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