Vanished By Joseph Finder

September 2, 2009


In listening to Vanished, by Joseph Finder, you can feel the author’s vision come across the audio. He brings the adrenaline of a mystery without all the gore so it’s an enjoyable read without a lot of gore as compared to other thriller genres. Joseph Finder is one of a kind as an author of thriller books. He brings a solid plot to the story that brings you in as you feel like a witness to the climaxes of the book. As you listen to the audio version of Vanished, the narrator’s voice is full of expression. You can feel the expression and the feelings the author is trying to portray. You feel as if you are in the middle of the story, right there in the middle of the street and you want to know more as the narrator continues to tell the tale of a women and a man in a compromising situation.

The audio quality is amazing. His voice is captivating and nearly pulls you in so you cannot move and must listen to the next chapter. You sit at the edge of your seat with the background noise around you becoming nothing as you listen intently. You see the man in the shadows and nearly taste the air around you as he challengingly uses expression to make you use all of your senses to captivate you.
In comparing to other thriller books, this book is full of a tale of suspense that keeps you wondering and thinking of what will happen next, only to find that Joseph Finder is not another author with a book that is very predictable. His thriller books differ from others in that you are on the edge of your seat as you continually want to listen to find out the reasons for his brother missing and other events in the story.
The narrator’s voice is clear and strong. He goes from one character to another with ease and you are not left wondering who is talking compared to other audio books of the same genre. He goes from background noise to conversation with ease. The main character is from the Special Forces and you can hear the characters authority in the narrator’s voice. His mother becomes ill in the hospital, slipping into a coma, the stress of that you can hear in his voice. His brother disappears in the night and you can tell he is not going to stop until he has the answers he is seeking. There are secrets in this book and you can feel them from the very beginning. Just like a book you cannot put down, this is an audio you will not want to push the stop button. The anticipation of what is to come is just too much with the artistic ability with expression and words this narrator and author bring in this audio book, Vanished.

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