What Would Steve Jobs Do?

January 23, 2013

Steve Jobs has long been an iconic figure, not just amongst those who appreciate computer technology, but also innovators, businessmen and women, and the world at large. As the head of Apple he spent most of his life providing the vision that took the company from one of the first (and best) computer manufacturers to the business that made mobile devices that consumers couldn’t live without. And his strategy of discovering what members of the public wanted before they knew themselves was something that may be impossible to duplicate; there’s no denying that Jobs was a singular individual possessed of an uncanny ability to spot trends and develop products long before his competitors. Of course, he was just a businessman, and as such, his tactics and results are quantifiable, meaning that the potential is there for others to learn from him. According to Peter Sander, author of the audio book ‘What Would Steve Jobs Do? How the Steve Jobs Way Can Inspire Anyone to Think Differently and Win’, there are definitely lessons to be learned from the late, great leader of Apple.

Steve Jobs has often been called a visionary, and those who utter the term tend to do so with an air of reverence. In truth, there are not many people who have the drive and vision that Jobs possessed. But while his successes in the business world were certainly profound, they’re not necessarily impossible to chart or duplicate. The man himself cannot be cloned, and his particular genius has sadly been lost to us, but those looking to pick up a few pointers and mimic his style need only listen to this audio book to discover how to make the decisions Jobs might have made.

Sander posits that there are six things the average business person needs to consider in order to operate like Steve Jobs. The process starts with knowing one’s customers in order to pinpoint their wants and needs. This, in turn, will lead you to the innovations and new products that will help to ensure your success, supposing that you have the vision to turn them into a reality. Of course, this hinges on the team you assemble and the corporate environment you provide (never say “can’t” should be your credo). And from there it’s just a matter of coming up with a product that has the potential to move your industry forward, as well as a solid brand to support it and a message that people believe in.

This all sounds like a pretty tall order, and creating a corporate machine that does the same job as Apple certainly isn’t going to be easy. But considering what you stand to gain by taking a few tips from the co-founder of the company, who is largely credited with their escalating successes over the years, it’s worth giving ‘What Would Steve Jobs Do?’ a listen. It doesn’t take a genius to manage a business; anyone can submit a payroll, update printer drivers, and handle the day-to-day operations. But it may take a genius like Steve Jobs to create the products of the future and convince consumers that they need those products. If you want to develop your own vision, Sander’s audiobook may help.

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